1. Preparation

"Sigh, the sunset's so beautiful this New Years day isn't it Glyfen? I hope your Life Provider comes back soon so he can see it to." my Life Breather sighed. Before I go on, let me explain. My names Glyfen, I'm what my Life Breather calls a strawberry blonde, I also happen to be 15 years and 147 days old with stunning purple eyes flecked with gold (a very rare trait). I call my Life Breather "Mother" when she's not around, I read in a book that's what they call Life Breathers on Earth (3 galaxies away). They also call Life Providers "Father"! What weird words!

"Glyfen! Varin to Glyfen!" said my Life Breather waving her hand in front of my face. "Huh? Oh, sorry. Just thinking about about the field trip." I said answering while swatting her hand away. " Oh, It's so exciting! Your first trip to Earth. I can't believe it's only two days away. My baby's growing up…" she sighed brushing away a loose piece of hair that had fallen in my face.

The next day, it was off to school again. "Hey Glyfen!" shouted my friend Marah trying to catch up with me on her hover-scooter. "Hey Marah!" I yelled back at her. Marah's my best friend and has been for 8 years. "I like your hair color today!" I mentioned. Oh, did I mention that she dyes her hair a different color everyday? No? Well, today it's sea-foam green. "Thanks! Right back at 'ya!" She replied as she caught up to me. "Marah, my hairs always been this color!" I said playfully punching her. "Ha ha! Just playing around." She laughed as we walked in the revolving doors of our high school.

During 3rd period, my favorite teacher ( Mrs. Gallaray, who has a good way of making everything interesting.) explained the details of the trip. "As you all know, tomorrow were taking a trip to Earth." She waited for the excited uproar to die down. "You'll have to pack the following: Toothbrush, Brush, enough clothes for one week, and anything else you may need. We'll send out a list of everything along with a set of rules. Alright, off to lunch. Have a nice day!" she said as everyone was filing out of the classroom.

"Your having Spram again?! This is the third week in a row!" Marah exclaimed. "I know it's just sooo good!" I said grinning at her. "What are you having" I asked as I looked over curiously. "Let's see… a trackey sandwich and an 8 down." She replied looking around, "I thought I packed an multri-vita bar" she muttered to herself frowning.

There was just 10 minutes left before school was over, and everyone was glancing up at the clock anxiously, even who was passing out the set of rules and list of items we needed. As I looked at the list, this is what it looked like: 1. No talking to Humans 2. Always wear sunglasses 3. Curfew is at 1a.m. There weren't many rules, so that's a plus!

As I was walking home with Marah, we saw this really cute cake/sweet shop that looked brand-new. And, it just so happened that we were craving sweets. As we walked in we were bombarded with the sweet smell of cookies and cakes. To top it all off right on the counter was a triple peach, double chocolate cake (My Mom/LifeBreathers favorite.)! I just had to buy it as a "see you soon" gift since the trip was tomorrow. I almost fell over at the price though! $44.98, can you believe it?! "Marah…! So expensive!" I gasped double checking the price. "*sigh* I'll help you out, I've got $14.28" She offered still counting her change. "Okay, Thanks a lot Marah!" She just sighed. "Uh, We'll take one triple peach, double chocolate cake, Please." I said to the man behind the counter who's name tag said Dill. As we waited for him to box the cake up, we resumed ooh-ing and aah-ing witch had abruptly stopped when I saw the price of the cake. "Here you go miss. That'll be $44.98, please." He said as he handed me the box with the cake in it. "Thank you, come again soon" he said with absolutely no enthusiasm as I handed him the money.

It only took 18 minutes after that to get home. Marah was staying over at my house tonight so we didn't have to stop which adds 20 minutes to our route because, Marahs LifeBreather is unfortunately a alcoholic and is always wanting to read our palms which takes awhile. And, her LifeProvider died when she was little, only 2 years and around 178 days old. Marah's stays at my house a lot because of that.

As soon as we walked in the door I heard my LifeBreather (mom) in the kitchen. "Where in the planet did I put the salmon?!" I heard her mumbling to herself. "Hi LifeBreather, Were home!" I said but she didn't even acknowledge that we were there. "Ah! I found it! Huh? Oh, Hi Glyfen, Marah! When did you get there?" She asked as she unwrapped the salmon. "What are you making?" I asked looking at the array of ingredients in the counter. "Huh? Just making a have fun, and see you soon dinner!" Like it was the most normal thing in the planet (which isn't because she never cooks!). "Whatever, just don't burn down the house." I sighed. "Oh, after dinner I have a surprise for you to." I said remembering the cake. "What do you mean surprise?" She said grinning (she's sort of an airhead…). I just sighed again and walked up the stairs where Marah was waiting in my bedroom.

"Awesome, Glyfie! We get a home-cooked dinner! I havnt had one in ages!" Marah squealed while jumping on my bed. "I wouldn't expect to much." I said thinking of all the various outcomes. "Hey, what color should I do tomorrow?" She asked referring to her hair. "Ummmm, what about Neon-Yellow?" I suggested as I went through my things checking to make sure I had everything. "Yeah, like a lemon! I like it, Glyfie. Thanks!" She said as she flopped into my beanbag chair.