The Cupcake Debacle of 2010! 5-25-10

Starring: Ashton the Ash Queen


Cal the Cupcake King

There once was a boy named Cal who loved cupcakes. The beautiful Ashton befriended him and promised to make him her World Famous Cupcakes. Cal was sooo excited he jumped up and down, giggling madly, and clapping his hands like the gay Perez Hilton. Ashton smiled and went to work.

The next day in Algebra class, Ashton was thinking which sprinkles to put on her cupcakes when, Cal WROTE on her SHIRT! Turning around slowly, but angrily, Ashton glared at the boy. Then suddenly Cal exploded and all that was left was ASH! Apparently, no one told Cal that Ashton could kill people with ONE look.

Asht was all that was left. So Ashton gave her cupcakes to a boy with a cute smile and who DIDN'T write on her shirts