In Hiding!

Starring: Ashton the Ash Queen


Eric the Wolff

After the Cal the Cupcake King - Ash thing incident Ashton the Ash Queen was forced into hiding, at her family's castle in the woods

On her arrival Ashton was presented with three baby kittens. Squealing loudly Ashton squeezed the Butler into a hug. Scooping the kittens up into her arms Ashton trotted away smiling happily.

For weeks Ashton was enamored with her kittens! Dressing them up, feeding them til they were sick, throwing them down the staris, and, of course, cuddling with them.

After many weeks spend inside, one kitten crippled, and another buried out back (he bit her! And she just gave him that look.) She took the remaining kittens outside for some fresh air.

Wandering the woods, branches snapping back into the kittens faces, Ashton smiled and sang out of tune. The kittens cringed at their master's voice, and scampered under some bushes to hide. In one just hiding spot the kittens ran into a wolf and not just any wold, but the Eric the Wolff! Hissing loudly the large black Wolff growled and lunged at the innocent kittens. Frightened, the kittens rushed out to their master.

Finally done singing, Ashton heard her distressed kittens coming to her. Turning around, fast and angry, Ashton saw Eric the Wolff chasing her precious kittens.

The kittens stopped behind Ashton. Eric the Wolff stopped in front of the three. Then suddenly Eric the Wolff lunged forward. In the air he went and...stopped... Ash started floating to the ground like snow. Ashton's eyes froze in a glare until all the ash lay on the ground.

Looking at the ash, Ashton picked up her kittens and skipped home, humming happily.