"Johnny!" A voice screamed across the neighborhood centered in Arizona's desert. "Johnny!" It came again. Pat followed the voice with the Flip Cam, searching for the voice in the sunset.

"Who is that?" Pat asked Johnny as he moved in circles. Desert, house, desert, house the camera picked up as he continued spinning and the shouting coming too.

"Johnny! Johnny!" The shouts came closer and clearly were that of a girl. One more spin and Pat found the girl. She came running down the road. Mass of curly hair flying out behind her as she ran.

"Johnny!" She yelled, her face red and her chest heaving. "Pat!" She laughed when she saw the boy.

"Johmmy!" She sighed. Moving the camera and backing up Pat caught John's huge smile.

"Kenzie!" He laughed.

"Johnny!" she squealed once more before throwing herself into John's arms.

Zooming onto the friends Pat smiled. Held up in his arms she held on to him tight whispering,

"I've missed you Irish!"

Chuckling John responded, "I've missed you too Indy!"

Slowly seperating McKenzie smiled at Johnny, her breathing still heavy. Turning towards Pat and the camera she smiled again.

"Pat! I've missed you!" Leaning into hug Pat the camera shines up towards the pink sky then goes black.