"Casey, get that!" I groaned from the cocoon I had made of my sheets and comforter. Lately I had gotten into the bad habit of wrapping my blankets around me during the night and usually when I woke up it took me a good 10 minutes to detangle myself. The knocking at the door got even more persistent. "Casey please!" I whined even louder, beginning to struggle even more to bust out of my cocoon. I was pretty positive that I was only managing to make everything worse. The knocking stopped and I slumped against the bed hoping that it was one of Casey's dumb flavors of the weeks.

I was just about to fall asleep when two loud pounds on the door made me jump, successfully making me lose my precariously balanced spot on the edge of my bed. I hit the floor shoulder first and let out a low groan, wishing pain on the person knocking, my lazy no-good roommate, and just about everyone else.

"Casey-" I got my head free of my cocoon and looked across the small dorm room where I had expected Casey to be but alas, my roommate was not there. I looked over at the clock on my desk, wincing slightly at the bright light that was coming through the small window in our room. It was nearly two, I had slept in way past the normal time I got up.

"Jordan open up!" I knew that deep voice. My struggles to free myself became frantic, I wrenched my arm free but only managed to smack it on my desk. I hissed out a cuss word as I wiggled my way out of the blankets, standing up and stumbling because the blanket was still wrapped around my foot. I kicked that off and finally made it to the door, throwing it open with gusto.

No one was there.

I stepped out into the hall, glancing towards the left and saw three girls coming back from the bathroom. I looked to the right and saw the shrinking back of a broad shoulder man as he walked away at a pace that had me running at full speed.

"Wait!" I called out. The man turned and I didn't have time to stop as my body collided with his. Strong arms wrapped around me as we fell over together.

"Jesus Jordan," The wheeze came from beneath me. As soon as I had slammed into his hard body I had clenched my eyes tightly shut, now I slowly opened them to assess the damage. I looked up into slightly narrowed green eyes.

"Why'd you walk away?" I asked, purposely sticking out my lower lip as I looked at him. His deep chuckle rumbled through his chest. Forgetting momentarily where we were I put my head down to listen to his chuckle and twisted my hands in the hem of his shirt.

"What is going on here?!" My head snapped up, making a loud, disgusting cracking noise. The deep chuckle rumbled again before a large, warm hand pressed against my sore neck. "This is a college dorm, not a motel 8!" I rolled my eyes as I slowly got up and pulled the large man up with me. I looked over at Winnie, our floors attendant. She thought it was her personal job to keep all of us sophomores safe, which meant scaring away all guys. She wasn't very good at it considering my own roommate had a different guy every week in our room.

"Hey, for once it's not my fault Winnie, she tackled me." His hands came up in surrender and I hit his stomach, glaring over at him. "Not that I can really blame her, I mean, look at me." His famous cocky grin spread across his face and I made gagging noises.

"How did you even get up here Warrick?" Winnie hissed, crossing her arms over her nonexistent chest and glared at Warrick. I pursed my lips and glanced between the two people I was stuck in-between. I understood why Winnie was yelling at us, this wasn't the first time she had found us together but it was the most innocent time. Also Warrick loved pushing Winnie's buttons.

"That's a secret." Warrick said, wiggling his fingers at her and making 'ooh' and 'ahh'ing noises. I elbowed Warrick but I knew he was only beginning with Winnie.

"Sorry Winnie, it's my fault but we weren't doing anything wrong, I swear I just hadn't seen him in a long time and got excited." I rambled, running a hand through my hair, which I'm sure was sticking out at all sorts of odd angles.

"Well you two can meet in the common room or somewhere else, the girls dorm room is only for girls." She glared at Warrick, who gave her a beaming smile back. "That means you have to leave." Warrick turned me to him, his hands on my shoulders and his face looked grim.

"I don't know when we shall see each other next so I will leave you with something to remember me with," I went to protest but his mouth was against mine instantly. The familiar heat spread throughout my body as his arms wrapped around my waist, pulling me flush against him. Distantly I heard Winnie yelling.

Before I had a chance to kiss him back or hit him again, I hadn't decided yet, Warrick was off at a full run, his hand over his head. I noticed that Winnie had gotten closer and had a rolled up magazine in her hand. I laughed before she spun around to glare at me, murder in her eyes. I squeaked and took off to my own room, listening as a bunch of girls laughed, some were applauding.

I looked at the full length mirror that Casey and I shared; it was on the back of our dorm room door. My hair was indeed sticking up at odd angles but only on one side, while the side I slept on was flat and sticking to my face and neck. I was wearing a large gray t-shirt with Army stamped across the front, it was twisted and wrinkled. My plaid pajama pants were like the shirt, and one of the legs of the pants had been pulled up to my knee. I was also missing one sock. I was one sexy beast.

I snorted at myself and changed quickly, brushing my hair and pulling it into a pony tail. I walked out of the dorm room, remembering to lock it behind me because a couple girls on the floor had a bunch of things stolen lately. I walked out of the Chester Girls Dorm building and hopped down the couple of stairs, my eyes scanning the large yawn.

Warrick was leaning against a tree, somewhat hidden in the shade and watching me. I waved and began walking towards him as he stood up straight and leisurely made his way over to me.

"What took you so long to get to the door?" He asked, his green eyes still twinkling with amusement. I reached up, grabbing his neck and pulled him down to me. I would have grabbed his hair but it was cute too short, in a military buzz. His lips were soft and slightly chapped against mine.

"What took you so long to see me?" I asked after our kiss. He rested his forehead against mine. Usually I would be worried about PDA but after nearly two weeks of not seeing my boyfriend I didn't really care.

"I couldn't get away," His voice was low and husky, his eyes slightly hooded and just that quickly, his mind was slipping in the 'dark space'.

Warrick was training to be a medic in the army. After graduating half a year early from high school he had immediately joined up. Warrick learned things quickly and retained knowledge efficiently; he was flying through his training. I could feel the days ticking down until he would be sent over. Medics were on short hand and there was no doubt in my mind that he would be shipped off as soon as his training was done.

"Let's go get something to eat," I let my arms slide away from him and tried to turn but his arms only tightened around me. I raised an eye brow and looked into his eyes. "No Warrick." I shook my head firmly, knowing his thoughts were not on food. He growled lowly, the sound vibrating through his chest and making my legs shaky. If I didn't get away from him soon he'll have me pulled in.

"Jordan, we haven't seen each other in two weeks," Warrick argued and I could see him slowly losing his control. I remember the day at the zoo back in our junior year when he had gotten angry at me for having this effect on him. He told me I made him lose all control, I told him that's because he's a horn dog. I only teased him to cover up the fact that it was fantastic being wanted so badly by someone.

"You think I don't know that?" I answered back but not angrily. I suppose letting him pull me into the 'dark space' wasn't too bad. Sure I was only half asleep and my stomach was protesting loudly but he looked much worse now that some of my excitement had ebbed off. Warrick wasn't allowed to talk about his training but he often times went to different army hospitals to practice and help out. There were dark circles underneath his bright green eyes and he had lost a bit of weight, though he was mostly hard muscle now.

"I got a motel right by here," He moved his head down, kissing my neck lightly and driving me insane. I tilted my head to the side, giving him more access. Warning Jordan, you're dangerously close to falling head first into the DARK SPACE!

"A motel? How romantic." I cooed jokingly. I felt his body sag in defeat, his forehead now resting on my shoulder.

"I know, I'm sorry." He whispered and I knew this was just another one of his tricks. It was this one that usually got me too. I felt him move his face a little and rub it against my bare neck, his warm breath tickling along the sensitive skin. "I'm sorry that all I can think about is being alone with you." He brushed his lips over my neck and my body automatically heated up. You're slipping Jordan!

"Warrick I'm just-" He cut me off by taking a small piece of skin between his teeth and nibbling lightly. I let out a small giggle, struggling to push him away but he held on tighter.

"I'm a wreck Jordan, all I can ever think about is you," Warrick growled, now moving his mouth up to my ear. "I'm a horrible soldier and an even worse boyfriend."

"You said you have a room?" I groaned out, not believing I had given into him once again. Jerk. He was buying me lunch after this!


I traced a big balloon on Warrick's back with my pointer finger before repeating the same motion. Warrick grunted and I laughed before leaning over and placing a kiss in between his shoulder blades. He turned his head to look at me and I smiled. I knew he was tired and was forcing himself to stay awake for my sake and I was trying everything in my power to get him to go too sleep.

"Just sleep Warrick," I touched the tips of my fingers to his lips lightly, feeling them stretch out into a lazy smile. He reached out for me, wrapping his arms around me before flipping over onto his back and pulling me down on top of him.

"Jordan-" Warrick let out a loud sigh, his chest raising beneath me. He tucked my head under his chin so I couldn't look at his face. I closed my eyes and waited for him to finish what he started saying. Warrick was weird in that sense, if he had something really important to tell someone he would start off and then stop himself and if you pushed him to continue he would just clam up. You had to just wait patiently, which was sometimes very frustrating.

"Jordan, I'm shipping off soon." He finally whispered, and I felt his adam's apple bob up and down as he swallowed nervously. I felt like all the air had been knocked out of my lungs. My stomach tightened into a knot and I was suddenly glad he couldn't see my face.

"How soon?" I managed to get out in a surprisingly calm voice.

"A week." Warrick croaked out. His arms tightened around me as my whole body felt very heavy. A week? He only had a week to spend here before being shipped over to Iraq and then I wouldn't see him for a year, or possibly even more than that.

The room was suddenly deadly silent, the air had once been carefree and fun but now it had a heavy feeling to it. I squirmed out of his arms and sat beside him, looking down at him. His bright green eyes were searching mine worriedly. This didn't seem like the right time to have this conversation. I was wearing his large t-shirt that went down to mid-thigh on me and he was only in his boxers. I wanted to go back to five minutes ago. That was selfish though. Warrick didn't need me to be clingy and weepy; he needed me to be strong for him. Or at least pretend until he was out of the room.

"I wanted to tell you to your face, that's why I had to wait so long," He reached up while he spoke, cupping his large hand around my face. I closed my eyes and leaned my head towards the warmth that was radiating from his hand. "There's something else."

"There's more?" I asked, my eyes opening in surprise.

"Yeah, they are throwing us a party; all our family and friends are invited. We're suppose to wear our uniforms and for everyone else it's 20's themed." He turned his hand over and ran his knuckles lightly over my cheek. I took his hand in mine and kissed his palm. The moment was so sickly sweet if I was reading about it I'd probably start laughing.

"So I can dress up as a swinger?" I asked, getting a little excited. Kale would help me find an outfit; she would most likely be going too. Kale was Warrick's step sister and one of my best friends; she was really into history and fashion so she would know about what to wear.

"You can come in your underwear for all I care," Warrick stopped mid chuckle, his green eyes glistening with mischief. "I wouldn't mind that in the least." His fingers trailed from my bare knee up my thigh, teasing along the line where the bottom of the shirt started.

"You want all your army buddies to see me in my underwear?" I asked, trying to keep my voice light and ignore the heat that spread throughout my face and the goose bumps his fingers were raising. I didn't find it quite fair that after two years he could still make me react like this, like some love sick preteen crushing over Leonardo Dicaprio. Except Warrick was right here, real and warm beneath me and he was staring directly at me with those impossibly green eyes.

"No, I'll kill them," Warrick grunted out in a voice that could only be described as He-Man. I grunted back, pounding a fist against my chest.

"Me women, you kiss women now." He didn't find my impersonation of him funny at all. I let out an indignant squeak as he flipped me over, so I was now laying flat on my back and he was looming over me, pinning me down. Warrick put both my wrists in one of his large hands above my head and I attempted to give him an innocent look. "What are you doing?" I asked, raising my eye brows at him in mock innocence.

"You ordered me to kiss you." Warrick said with a shrug before a slow grin crept across his face. "I don't like being ordered around." He lowered his face until his nose was touching mine, his warm breath cascaded over my face, smelling like peppermint.

"Then you are in the wrong occupation buddy," I smiled at him, as his free hand slid along my side and rested on my hip. The small movement making me shiver.

"Jordan, I missed you-" I could tell it made him uncomfortable to say this, he didn't come from a background where it was okay to admit your feelings and he didn't do it very often. I opened my mouth to tell him just how much I missed him, since I had come from a family where I was encouraged to show and voice my every emotion but he cut me off before I could.

"No Warrick stop!" A loud, girlish squeal broke through and I was horrified to acknowledge that the hideous noise came from me. He continued to tickle my side with a renewed vigor as my laughter got louder and my protests came out in gasps, I squirmed beneath him but he was too big for me to move.

Even in this perfect moment I couldn't help think of all our other moments like this. It seemed to me it was the calm before the storm. Let the storm come, I could handle it if just on the other side was another moment like this.

"Tell me I'm the sexiest man alive." Warrick had to raise his voice to be heard over my laughter.

"Never!" I didn't find it very fair that I had such an obvious weakness that he had found by accident and yet he didn't have any weaknesses. I could have hit myself when the thought occurred to me. I pushed myself up and practically smashed my mouth against his. It wasn't graceful, and I was pretty lucky I didn't knock out a tooth but it worked. Warrick's fingers instantly stopped their assault when I gentled the kiss.

My stomach choose that opportune moment to remind me I hadn't eaten since last night. Warrick pulled back a little and grinned, undoubtedly about to say something extremely perverted.

"You owe me some food." I pushed him off before he could say anything and leaned over the side of the bed, looking around for my pants.

"I see London, I see France." I turned to glare at Warrick as he grinned lazily at me. I couldn't hold the glare too long because the sight he made was appealing to say the least. He was laying down, propped up slightly against the pillows with an arm behind his head. His usually shaggy hair was buzzed off into a military crew cut, and while when I first thought he would just look silly with it I was wrong. It made his face look more angular, stronger than it did before. Also, now that there was no black hair falling into his eyes they were even more prominent before, especially with his dark, smooth skin. His body was long and lean, with taut muscles. The navy boxer-briefs left little to the imagination.

When I had first met Warrick he had worn baggy clothes and had tons of piercings and bad attitude. When I first got to know Warrick he wore even more piercings and an explosive temper. Now we were both 20, and far different from the people we had been a couple years ago. To an outsider who had known Warrick before and now all they would say was he had lost a bit of weight, gotten a hair cut and no longer had any piercings. It was so much more though. He may not show it with many people but he let his guard down around me, he was soft and caring, as long as no one was around to see it.

Food was suddenly forgotten as it hit me that I only had a limited time with him. I crawled over to him, watching as a dark eye brow raised in a silent question. I ran my hand over his stomach, feeling the surprisingly soft skin underneath my wandering hand.

"I love you," I spoke even before I had really thought about it. Warrick's eyes, which had been previously watching my hand move over his torso, snapped up to mine. We had been dating for two years, but despite that we didn't say that to each other much. Sometimes though, it surprised me how strongly I felt for Warrick, the guy with the cocky grin and brilliant green eyes.

Warrick grabbed my hand and tugged gently, pulling me toward him. He kissed me deeply, taking his time to thoroughly show me exactly how he felt about me. His hand slid up the back of my shirt, and touched me in such a way that had me arching into his touch. Despite the spreading heat between us my stomach didn't seem to be on the same page as the rest of my body as it loudly protested not being fed anything.

"Let's get you something to eat," Warrick said with a chuckle, mumbling something under his breath that I was mostly glad I couldn't hear. I smiled happily and began to rummage around for my clothes.

Authors Comment:

Incase there are any old readers out there (though I severely doubt that after two whole years... sorry about that too) I have rewrote this story; fixing, deleting, and adding things. I will be posting a chapter a day for the next 20 days, then I'll update once a week (perhaps twice) until the story is finished!