Teacher Meets Student

Hi. I'm Kate. This is my story about how I fell for my teacher from beginning to end.


"Alright everybody today is abstract day, so get your materials and get to work." My teacher, Mr. Hanover said to my class. Mr. Hanover (we call him Mr. H) is a 6 ft. 25-year old teacher. He's bald and has a brown-haired goatee. Quite a number of people, students and faculty, pine over him.

I, however, do not. I'm Kate. I'm 5 foot 4, Hispanic, and 13. This class, art, is my first class of the day.

I got up from my seat to get my materials. When I bent down to get the materials, Mr. H walked by and bumped into me, knocking me over. "I'm sorry Kate, I didn't mean to knock you over," He said to me as he grabbed my hand to help me up.

"It's okay. I'm a klutz, so I'm used to it."I said shakily. I felt his thing when he knocked me over. I felt it go up when he bumped into me.

He bent down and got paper for me. I thanked him and went to my seat, thinking about what happened. Why did it go up? Why could I feel it in the first place? Thinking of answers for these questions only made me more confused.

The sound of a bell broke me out of my confusing thoughts. I didn't realize I had been thinking the whole period and looked down at my paper, afraid I wasn't going to get a good grade for not doing my work. What I saw confused me even more. I had drawn a picture, but it wasn't a picture I could show Mr. H. It was a picture of Mr. H and me, hugging.

"Okay, kids, hand in your work before you leave." Mr. H said. Thinking of a plan, I quickly grabbed a piece of paper from the shelf, stuffed my first picture into my backpack, put the blank sheet on the top of the pile and tried to get out of the classroom. I got out the door and into the hallway before getting called back in.

"Kate, could you come back here for a second?" Mr. H said, and I turned around to see him holding my blank sheet in the air. I walked back in the classroom with my head down, not wanting to look him in the eye. "Explain for me, because it looks like you didn't do any work." Mr. H said, leaning on the door, effectively blocking my exit.

"I couldn't find anything to draw." I said, still looking at the ground. Mr. H got up from leaning on the door and walked closer to me, putting his hand on my chin and pulled my head up so I had to look at him. "You have the highest grade in this class, Kate. You always have something to draw about.

"Is there anything wrong?" He asked. The combination of his hand on my chin and his being close to me made me uncomfortable and made my mouth not want to speak, so I shook my head saying no. He let go of my chin, gave me my blank sheet and said I had until the end of the day to turn it in.

I hightailed out of there, partly because I would be late if I didn't, but mostly because I was confused again about Mr. H.