Angel's Dust-One night, I glanced up towards the darkened sky and I saw a trail of whitish, pale feathers falling from the sky.

One fell on my nose and the soft touch of it felt so amazing that I wanted to feel more.
I grabbed my supplies from my lowly cottage and as I went back outside and looked up, the feather trail was gone.
I was so sad and as I began to put my things back to where they were with a sad heart, I heard a sound coming from outside.
It sounded like a flapping of two large wings. My eyes got wide and I started smiling as I dashed outside.
I looked all around and I couldn't find anything once again. As I was about to give up, I heard the wings again.
They were coming from the trail behind my cottage.
I ran to it and found yet another trail of the white wings floating and moving towards the end of the path, my mouth dropped.
The angel flew away before I had a chance to speak but, it left a pile of AngelDust. I smiled and touched the dust as I felt his presence.