Black Panther: I load the virus into my hard drive. I clap and watch as the download is finalizing. "Triple Threat Worm Hole #713 99% Downloaded" Gosh, this is taking forever.........I wonder if the other team is ready yet....... I heard my phone vibrate. "Who the.........John, Im uploading the.....What?" As soon as he said abort, I heard a flash come from my bedroom and a explosion. I fell from my chair and I heard S.W.A.T come from the window. "GET DOWN! PUT YOUR HANDS UP!" I grabbed my gun from my backpack but, a officer kicked my hand to the ground, breaking it. "GAH!!....Ugh.......Ok, I'm sorry..." He took me by the hair and pounced my face on the ground. "You have the right to...." I heard a gunshot and the officer behind me fell to the ground. " god......" I slowly looked behind me and it was a guy in a S.W.A.T uniform. He signaled at me to come to him but, I didnt move. He got closer to me and I reached for my gun again. As soon as I touched it, he was by my ear because I heard him breathing. I stopped instantly, hoping my life will be spared. He chuckled and gave me his gun. "You are now activated, Forte A.K.A Black Panther." I slowly got up and started shaking. (How did he.....) "How...Do you know my name..?" He shook his head and took off his helmet. "Because I gave it to you."