Definition:Love Love is lost.
The demon inside you is burrowing out, bledding it's heart out.
Screaming to you.
"Feed me......".........
You ignore the pain as you decay from flesh eating plague that has coursed through your veins.
Death you say?
Death you desire?
Is death what
Nope. You won't find it.
Not in hell. But.....
If you choose life,
Love is then found.
The demon within you is gone.
Whispers of life and prosperity are found within your soul.
But....For an odd reason, you are confused!....
Why? I thought you wanted to live?
If you do then, why are do you sin?
Walk the way of life as Jesus did.
Free of Death.
Free of Despair's hold.
Free like an Angel with wings soaring......
So.......Stop it. Why you ask?
Because of the way you look at her is perverted and sinful.
Do not treat woman as objects to use whenever you feel like.
Lust for the human Flesh is Lust for the Living Dead.
Zombified terrors await you if you continue this disgusting, grotesques and decrepit movement. Jesus has spoken, "Thou shalt not have one foot in good and the other in sin.
For these troubles are the beginning.
Thou shalt be vomitted out of my mouth." Devin "Daichi" Dawson