Hello-"Hello." This is a beautiful world to me!

"Hello." The trees, the skies, the people! Wow!
"Hello." Wait…What is this? Dead trees?
"Hello." The people are acting different then I expected they would be! They scream evil!
"Hello…" Genocide is everywhere! Where in this demented world did this utter evil come from?
"Hell...o" God, please save me from this place!!
"Hell…….o" Abortions are happening all over the world! Why do children need to suffer for the mistakes of adults?!
"Hell….." Where did the respect for women go?! Rapes, sexual impurity and premarital sex?! Is this reality?!?
".....Hell….." The economy is plummeting and people are killing themselves over loss of money!! God, save me from this place!! I'm begging you!!
"…..Hello."….All the same things I saw before…came back? They are more beautiful now! Praise God!!
"Hello, I just want to love this new world."
"Hajimemashite, onegaishimasu yo. Namae wan an desu ka?"