Hoshi No Kuroi-The fury. The blood-lined fury! Clouded by his hands. Both Coated in a array of smoke, they rise towards us. My eyes are weary, where did they go? My comrade lay dead on the concrete floor. Chaos reign rules this benigh night as we face together and throw our strength and might. The crimson red blood; a river of tears currode my face as I stagger to walk. Am I finished? Does this annihilation lay it's life? Or do I cry aimlessly, wasting every breath…… I stare through bloodshot eyes, as I see my opponent taunting me. Cursing me. I screamed his name, the name known as Lucifer. Thou shalt taste the end of my blade!! I slowly rose to my feet, devout to my revolt. I charge towards him and release my blade. As he fell under my feet, I triumphed in my father's name. I felt my wound suddenly convulsing, I cried out, "Father!!" I lay there as my fluids drained.... I open my eyes only to see him, sitting next to me.