Rising Sun-He comes like the rising sun. He was born. He was born of a virgin. He was the Son of Man. He was the Savior of Man. He was in the form of a man. He was a carpenter. He was the Son of God. He fed thousands by multiplying fish and loaves. He walked on water. He cast out demons of Hell from man's presence. He was persecuted by his own race. He was the beginning. He was murdered on a tree by his own race. He died and rose after three days. He is in heaven. He is on God's right hand. He is God and the Holy Spirit. He is with us and is in us. He is coming to save us. He is the coming prophecy. He is the one. He is coming like a thief in the night. He rises like the sun in the far east. He is our Rising Sun, to illuminate us from darkness.