Sakura no Shi

A pink petal burned in front of me. In an instant, the disintegration morphed. Timeless, futureless, lifeless.
Once again, the petal burned in front of me. The sakura bud leaks out blood drops. It's sweet scent; delightful to my nostril.
Loveless, homeless, colorless, voiceless. Once again, the sakura bud bleeds out blood. The sakura tree; engulfed in black flames.
The smoke shapes as a human; a little girl. The girl sings, trots along; her sudden death. Once again, the sakura tree,; engulfed in black flames.
The roots of the tree are dying from poison. Irony, death, shame, lust, greed, lying. Shapeless, merciless, spiritless, tasteless.
Once again, the trees are dying from poison. Vanishment, disappearance, I stand there still. The sweet scent of sakura blossom….gore.
Defeated in my eyes, destroyed in my eyes. Once again, my death has become my enemy.