Just a warning, it's a little graphic, and has some serious topics. It is suggestive and I have rated it T, if you honestly think it needs to be M, then let me know and I will change that. I trust you can handle this though. Enjoy~

((Also, a little authors note/warning. There will only be two chapters and I honestly hope you love my character as much I have come to by the end of this story.))


"Aaaah!" The pale human woman cried out, giving that last final push as the baby came out of her with more trouble than it should have. He was a very pale baby, matching her mother. There was something different about this difficult child; he had two slimy black demonic wings, and ponytail ending in a devilish point and two black lumps forming something of horns.

With the combination of the difficulty of child labor, and the shock of giving birth to this demon spawn, the mother died minutes after giving birth to this evil being. Her life hardly flashed before her eyes, only one part, the reason she was dying. She was willing herself to die at this point, after being raped by the black skinned red eyes, pointed toothed incubus from 9 full months ago.

She shut her eyes, pushing out the memories and letting her life slip away.


15 years have passed since the birth of the demon spawn in the 1950s setting.

He stood, nearly fully-grown at this point, a good 5 feet and 10 inches tall. His thin figure complimented his angles. His eyes were a subtle red to match his fathers; his wings folded against his back helped him blend in a little with the other people of the street. He wore a pleased smile; he had two extra sets of pointed teeth along with his human canines. Staring down at the bloody mess on the kitchen floor he lifted a thin hand a licked the blood off his bony finger, savoring the soul he had just devoured mercilessly.

At this point, I suppose I should introduce myself to you. My name is Bliss. I am half incubus, half human. I killed my mother because the stupid human was too weak to give birth to such a being as me. I was too much for her and I'm too much for anyone. I lure people in with my soothing voice. I thirst for sex, and I hunger for souls. I have lived 10 years to this, after being saved by a brainless woman who found me on the street. My first kill was at 5. Ha! That stupid woman should have known better! I am the demon's spawn!

He smirked down at the human, his pointed ears twitched, hearing the front door open. At this cue, he made his way back out the back door. Bliss' agility significantly better than a human's, as did his strength. His black hair hung rather long nearly touching his shoulders. It concealed his short demonic black horns pretty well.

Bliss hopped the fence as he made his stealthy escape, already thinking about his next victim. He was so thirsty it made his mouth dry.

The half incubus wrapped his bony tail around his waist, which gave it the appearance of a belt. The wings on his back folded tight, a bit uncomfortable, but it kept them hidden enough. He continued to lick the last bits of blood and flesh from his sharp pointed claw like fingers as he walked down the street of the unknowing new town. He smirked at their incompetency; they wouldn't know what hit them! He could devour half the town before he would have to take his leave. It would make such a mess!

As he planned his first victim, two girls playing hopscotch, about 10 or 11 at the most, caught his eye. He did love virgins, they smelled so fresh, and showed so much fear.

I love to hear them scream, to hear them begging me to stop. It's my favorite sound, it really is. Its so funny, how they think that some man exists to protect them. In the sky! They think he lives in the sky! Ha! Nothing can save them from my hunger. Though sometimes I think there is someone providing us each with out own little joys, otherwise, I wouldn't have found such sweet, innocent little virgins to play with, right?

The incubus made his was coolly over to the girls, leaning against the mailbox, "Hello girls, a lovely day isn't it?" he greeted the two with his melodic, hypnotic voice.

The older of the two girls looked at him, she had a sweet unknowing smile, and she seemed to fancy this tall handsome new teenager who was talking to them, "Yes," she agreed with the boy, "We were thinking of going inside soon to have some lemonade."

Showing his most charming smile, which he had lots of practice using, "That sounds delicious, are your parents home?" he asked, glancing at the younger of the two who was hiding shyly behind the older girl.

The girl shook her head, her pig tails swished back and forth, whipping her face and neck lightly, "Not yet, they won't be home for a few hours" she gave him too much information at this point. She dropped her rock that they were playing with, "But they won't mind!" she didn't want this older boy to leave. She took her friend's hand and started into the house, the door open she motioned for the incubus to enter.

The door closed, he smirked, noticing the nice pieces of furniture, it was a pretty house; it would be prettier covered in virgin blood. He followed the two girls into the kitchen, "This is a very nice house, I'm sure you would like to show my your room." His voice was hypnotic; he was learning how to use his voice to control human's wills.

The girl turned to him and tilted her head, her eyes glazed over a little, "My bedroom… Yeah, it's very pretty" she agreed as she led him to the smaller room. Desperately her younger friend was pulling on her sleeve, whispering about stranger danger. Of course she had no idea that Bliss could hear every word she was saying.

He got down on his knees and took the small girl's face in his thin firm hands, "I'm not a stranger," he said in a soft voice, melodic, hypnotic.

"You're… not a stranger" she changed her mind. Though deep in the back of her mind she was screaming, she wanted him to leave, she could sense the danger, but she couldn't get away.

Barring his teeth in a satisfied smile he picked her up with no difficulty, he took the two into the room and shut the door. Without any hesitation he threw the girl in his arms onto the bed and in a blink he was over top of her, tearing at her clothes viciously.

"No!" she screamed, "Don't!"

I really do love it when they scream; she had such a beautiful screaming voice.

He mercilessly tore at the girl, catching skin a couple times; he licked the blood off his hands, delighted to no end. He wasted no more time before invading the two innocent girls. After finishing, they were in tears, blood soaked the covers, fabric was shredded up everywhere from when they had struggled to get away.

He stroked the elder's face, "Sh… sh sh sh… it's okay, you love me after all" he spoke lies and wove them into her will. She was sobbing, shaking, he smiled and all five fingers were placed over her left breast, "This will hurt quite a bit." He spoke to the girl, licking his lips, anxious for another soul, "Feel free to scream as much as you want" he told her before shoving his clawed fingers into her flesh. He tore out a chunk, pulling her very soul, her very existence from her chest.

Let me tell you that was the best kill I had ever experienced. I ended up killing the younger one while filling my lustful thirst, it was a shame, because once they're dead I can't take their souls, I don't have that power. But I will, I assure you.


Another 20 years had passed. About now would be about 1980s or so. The incubus who was poorly named Bliss, looked to be a fully-grown man. He didn't age past his fully-grown point; the souls he devoured would keep him young and alive for many, many centuries to come.

Bliss was on the run, dashing down alleyways, the city sure did pop up quickly. He climbed up a fire escape; up to the top of the 6 stories building then spread his wings, taking to the skies to escape his punishment for killing the happy 5-person family. His clothes were coated in blood and he wore a grim smile. He was feeling lonely; he wouldn't ever figure it out, not for a long, long time anyways. He longed for someone to actually love him, but he couldn't stop what he had become, a bloodthirsty, sex hungry incubus with human emotions and a human like body.

He watched down, smirking.

They hated me, and called me the demon. Ha! It's so much fun to watch those stupid weak humans scramble like that! They can't take any sort of a challenge! It's almost too easy. I have been seducing without charming the humans lately. It's more fun this way; you really get some heartbreak in there. It's truly delicious, their soul is so torn, and it gives it a new taste. Heehee!

As this incubus flew across the town, he perched in a windowsill, sitting on the edge, kicking his legs off. He was thinking about trying to figure out why he was so different than everyone else. They all called him different, a freak, and a demon. That's their fault that they died, they should have known better than to insult him! Maybe if they were nicer, he would have been gentler.

This was about when I started becoming less hungry. I still craved sex, often, but I only ate once every two or three days. I didn't understand, why I was feeling so empty, what was the point of eating if I get nothing to live for after eating? I started some serious thinking, before I was so rudely interrupted.

There was a blood-curdling shriek from inside the window he was perched on. It hurt his ears and he covered them with his skinny hands. He looked over his shoulder to see a man with a large shotgun aimed right at him. Quickly he leapt up and took off. There was a gunshot; it went right into his leg. This caused him to stagger in the air, but he persevered at flying towards the moon, a deep scowl on his face, they were his next meal.

Bliss sat, now in a tree, where no stupid humans could bother him. He brought his knee up to his chest; the bullet was still in his calf. He sighed and took his index finger and thumb, plunging them into the wound. The pointed nails delicately grasped the bullet as he pulled it out. He dropped it to the ground below him.

"My pants now have a hole in them," he said as if this was the thing that concerned him most, "What a shame, I wasn't even planning to kill that human if he had missed." He said with a sorrowful sigh. He always spoke lies. It was his specialty; he faked concern, love, sadness, any emotion except for his happiness and glee when the blood splattered on his pale skin with a vibrant contrast.

Anyways, the incubus waited until morning, sleeping in the tree, hugging the branch as he did so. In the morning, the wound in his leg had closed up on the skin and was working on healing on the inside; he healed much faster than the humans did. He smirked as he thought of how he would break the shotgun first, to scare the large man. He would then break his legs, and make him watch as he assaulted his woman and killed her. Then he would kill the man who shot him in the leg.

He flew over the sky, it was a cloudy grim morning, and it was perfect for taking out his loneliness and emotions out on the unsuspecting couple. He landed in the window and knocked, a delish smile upon his lips before he smashed the window in and dashed inside. He swung his foot up swiftly and knocked the man over, hopped over him, using him as a step stool when the devil spawn grabbed the shun gun and broke it in his grip, showing the man how strong he was. After doing this, he followed through with his plan.

After breaking the man's legs, both of them, he took the woman, ripping her bottoms off and assaulting her before he tore at her chest, taking her soul and devouring it, all her emotions and thoughts with it. It shocked him, how she seemed to be more worried about the man, rather than herself. He dropped the bloody lifeless woman and turned to the man who to the incubus' surprise, was crying!

Bliss' tail flicked side to side and his ears were back a little, wondering what could cause such a bond between people. Why didn't he have that bond?

I never understood it, why love was such a fickle thing, yet it was so strong, to make a fully-grown man like that cry. After I killed that woman, I tried to run away. He begged me to kill him too. I made him beg, and beg. It was fun. After the deed was done though, I found myself in tears. They weren't fake, or sympathetic. I had killed so many times before, why was this time different? Why was that man crying? Why did he want to die too? His legs would heal, it wasn't that bad of pain. I didn't understand.


13 more years after that had passed. The confused and emotionally disturbed half demon, half human cried after every kill. He hid himself, and no one knew. He smiled while he killed, and cried in remorse afterwards. Remorse wasn't a word he knew. He never learned to truly love when he grew up. He never learned remorse, or true sympathy, or sadness, or regret. He was still learning, even at 48 years of age.

At this point, I decided that it was no more fun to seduce people without controlling them, they would resist, or fall in love with me, everyone loves me, they tell me so. Why does everyone love me? I don't love them, but I tell them I do, is that why they say they love me? Is that why I cry after they die? It's their fault; they shouldn't have fallen in love with me. Sometimes I play with more than one human at a time, but if they find out about each other, I have to kill them, they get mad.

I then ran into a woman, her name was Vivian, and she seemed to love the world. Isn't love such a fickle thing? To love the world, she had the most open heart, and I craved her soul. That's why I associated with her.

"Hello there pretty" he greeted with his smile so full of charm it was almost cheesy.

"Hi there" the human named Vivian responded with a likewise, charming smile.

"I saw you from down the street and I thought you just radiated beauty and I had to know your name" he took her hand and kissed the back of it.

She let out a giggle at the compliment, "My name is Vivian, what is yours?" she asked.

He blinked, no one had ever given him the chance to answer, and they usually resisted him. He wasn't sure he wanted to say; he always thought his name was misleading.

"You have a name of course" it was almost a question, she stopped walking and waved a hand in front of his face, "Hello?"

"My name is Bliss," he answered, coming to, "Would you like me to walk you home? A pretty girl like you shouldn't be on the street, Vivian" he kissed the back of her hand again.

"My you're very sweet, sure, you can walk me home." Then she said before he could ask her anything, "Maybe you could also accompany me for dinner tonight?" she looked at him with eager brown eyes.

The incubus put on his best charm, getting down on one knee he kissed her hand and kissed up her arm with a couple of kisses, "I would be delighted to, Vivian."

And with that the incubus set after his next prey. Over the span of a couple of weeks he had gotten quite attached to her. After dinner said nights ago, she had invited him to bed. She seemed to be the easiest prey he had yet.

Two weeks had passed and he was tired of sleeping with the same woman. Wandering off he found another woman with larger curves. After chasing her skirt for a while he decided to no longer play it fair. He had her cornered in an alley, "But beautiful, you love me" his words sank into her mind.

"You can't resist me, you want me in you, you want my touch" he whispered into her ear as she soon fell into his spell. He took advantage of the woman, shortly afterwards devouring her soul, letting her lifeless corpse on the ground. He smirked at his pleasure as he walked back to Vivian's house, which he was now staying at.

He walked in t be greeted by her smiling face, "So what did you do today?" she asked. He was surprised by her lack of fear when she saw the demon tail and wings on him the firs time they slept around. He frowned, the words cut into him, he knew she would be upset to hear what he had done. He told her anyways!

"I found another woman, and slept with her. She had curves like you wouldn't believe" he didn't hold back, if she was going to get mad, he was going to give her a reason to.

She was quiet for a moment, her smile had gone and turned into a pout, "I see. Does this mean that you don't want me anymore then?" she asked.

This was the most surprising thing I had ever heard come out of a human's mouth before! Why the hell wasn't she mad? Why did she still want to be with a monster like me? I couldn't even comprehend this. I will make sure this story is kept a little shorter and just tell you. After she asked me this, I poured it on thick, told her I loved her, and would always want to be with her. I told her about what I was, the half incubus half human that wasn't accepted by either. After that she started crying. It was to be expected though.

"No, Bliss, I'm crying for you" she told him which knocked him off his feet and he leaned on the wall for support.

"Well why the hell are you doing that you stupid woman? I don't need your pity!" he snapped at her viciously.

She smiled sadly through her tears, "Its like no one loves you, you're so lonely, I can just tell. Have you ever had a real love?" she asked.

Speechless the incubus didn't want to hear the truth. He backed against the wall, feeling cornered, "Don't tell me that woman! I have loved a hundred times over!"

"Is that what you will call it?" she asked gently, going over she touched his face and he panicked. His claws slashed across her face.

She fell to the ground, but didn't look upset, or afraid, or shocked. She looked up at him, "How about I try to help you?" she asked and stood up, taking his now bloody hand in both of hers, "I will love you forever, unconditionally, if you try to stop eating souls. For me?" she asked.

I should mention though, this was after the 5th time the incubus had cheated on her. He told her every single time and she never wanted to leave him. Now back to the story, sorry.

Bliss was shaking, "Don't touch me like you love me!" he shouted, "I can't help it! It's who I am!"

"I love you Bliss, will you please try, for me?" she asked, she stood on hr toes and gave him a gentle kiss.

The incubus slashed out at her again, "I can't! You don't understand! I just can't!"

"Do you love me Bliss?" she asked. The room fell silent aside from the quiet panting of the over emotional man. He was still shaking on the verge of tears, he was so angry, and confused.

"I do… Vivian, I love you but I just can't DO it! Why do you still love me after what I've done?" he demanded. She once again got close and gave him a hug, "Love is unconditional," she told him.

This statement pushed him over the edge. He slashed at her chest, tearing clothes and flesh. His eyes were a big more vibrant of a red and he stared at the bloody mess she was. His love, he loved her. He knew he did. She was dying, it was pointless, and she would die.

It was pointless, to try to save her. Pointless. You reading this? POINTLESS! I had to eat her soul! It was the only way! She would have died anyways! Don't judge me! I loved her! More than I could stand it! I can't change like that. You can't tell me to not eat souls like you can't tell a fat kid to stop eating bacon. You just can't do it; it's not possible to stop!

Alone. The incubus was now alone, his lover, only true love was gone. She forgave him for every thing that he had done, and he had killed her. It was his fault she was dead. He felt sick to his stomach. Human food tasted like dirt now. He didn't need it to live anyways, so he no longer ate human food.

Her soul was so happy, so sweet; so full of love, and forgiveness; so delicious, yet so bitter. He couldn't stand it. That final thing he had eaten. IT ruined his appetite. He couldn't stand himself. He wanted to die. But he wanted to live, knowing she would want him to live. He couldn't stand the thought of eating another soul. Someone who most likely had another love. Someone else with this deep connecting bond.

I'm alone now. I will never find another like her. I devoured her existence. Even if I die I won't see her. She is gone. I'm alone. I will never eat again. Maybe I'll starve to death. It's pointless, that won't happen. I still need sex. I still have to have it. I won't eat another soul again. I promise Vivian. Never again will I devour another soul.

Never. I promise.