A child's mind: From The Child Herself

Well, I tried... Hope I portrayed a baby well. I was trying to keep the thoughts as simple and uncomplicated. as this is a baby. She doesn't understand. I also tried to use a thinking process that would represent a baby. Concepts still needs to be learnt and things are not clear. Also, the dots are not completely connected and things are new.

I tried to leave this pretty vague as a baby wouldn't really know what things are but I admit to being specific about somethings as being nebulus about all things would be too much. sorry if those things made Angela more mature.

Also, at the end I didn't want to come out and say what ended up in her diaper so I kept it vague.


the squarish thing: the remote control

the stringy thing: a cord

Mama: mom

dada: dad

It was cold, very cold, this thing in this thing that holds it. It feels wet, or at least I think it's called wet. mama likes to call it milk, whatever that means. and, the thing that holds it that I attempt to hold is called a bottle? Or at least mama says so. where she is I don't know but I am with dada right now. he's watching me and holding me. He calls me Angela. I think that's my name? Maybe that's my mama's name? I can't eat anymore, so I push the bottle out of my mouth and attempt to say something.

"Here, Angela," he said. Dada smiles or I think it's called smiling happily and takes the bottle from me. I look around me and I see this squarish thing with things you could push. dada said they were buttons once. I tasted it before, it tasted kind of interesting. so, I grabbed it and put it in my mouth or at least that's what they like to call it. I sucked on the thing.

"You don't want to eat that, Angela," dada said smiling taking the thing from me.

"it's called a remote control. You use it to operate this television." He pointed to a box with a glassy front. It looked clear. I could see through it. I looked interestedly at the screen. I attempted to get out from his arms. Dada got up and walked closer to the television. He knelt down in front of the television. I looked intensely at it. and I reached over and grabbed a stringy thing. I tried to pull it towards me. It didn't move. Dada placed his hand on mine and made me let go of the cored gentlly. Being deprived of both the string thing and the square thing I was upset. I started protesting and kicking my legs and flailing my arms.

"angela, calm down, it's all right. Lets go to your room and see what we can do," Dada said standing up and smiling walking to my room. He glanced around all the while trying to calm me down as I still protested.

"hmmmmmm.... Maybe we could play with your dolls, He said smiling and grabbed my doll.

"mine!" I shouted grabbing it from him angrily. It was my toy after all and dada couldn't have it.

"Okay, it's yours. I was only trying to get it for you Angela," He said sitting me down on the floor and sitting next to me. We played with the doll for a while. After a while I scooted over to my dada and tried to get on him.

"You want to sit on my lap, angela?" He said softly. I smiled.

"ya!" I said chirpily! Dada picked me up and put me on his lap. and I reached up for his hair. it was so nice. It was so stringy and soft. I tugged at it. Dad gently pulled my hands away from his hair.

" don't do that, it hurts, angela, why don't you play with your doll some more?" Dada said.

"no! No!" I screamed. My hands returning to his hair trying to fight him off. It was fun, so I didn't know why dada wanted to stop me. He again gently got my hands free of his hair. He kkept trying to get me to play with the doll. After I had put my hands on his face and played with it which my dad stopped me as always ever so gently, he again persuaded me to play with the doll. By this time his thing he wore was wet, very wet. I didn't know why, or where it came from. My mouth was wet, so maybe it came from there?

"Angela, don't you still want to play with your doll?" He asked again. After a bit more persuasion I started to play with my doll again. Dad smiled and I talked away. he just smiled. He didn't really say anything back.

After a while, I felt something wet a bit solid under me. It didn't smell too good. I started to cry. Dada must have felt it too. So, he took me in to this other room. We came back out after a few minutes. I was calmer. It was no longer wet and I was happy again. After playing a bit more, mama came home.