The Teacher's Pet For The Month

Author's notes: I was really wanting to cry hard through this one. It was sadly a little autobiographical or at least the mocking and treatment was. It happens all over the place with elementary schoolers. So, don't think for one second adults are cruel. I thhink the cruelist people are little children who can not except a peer because she has a disability. I have never had such a rough time with adults but I had with children my own age back in elementary school. I remember my favorite hobbie was almost always run away from the bullies. I was never well excepted mby my peers in elementary school. Yes, there were definitely good times, but the bad definitely exceeded the good. I remember being the outcast of the class as well. No one wanted to talk to me, few of them do even now a days. I don't have problems with adults but I do with my peers.

So... that's my story and I hope I've made a point with this stirring tale. None of the facts in this story is false. The teacher in this story is inspired by a science teacher, though he doesn't act like that but he has a good character just like Carson Tatters.

I still remember that exciting but miserable day in fifth grade. Mr. Carson Tatter was one of the nicest and most patient teachers I had ever had in my whole school career. Even after graduating high school I couldn't remember anyone who matched Mr. Tatter's kindness. He would be the most understanding and easy to speak to. He was almost like a second father to me. He would stay after school and discuss all my problems and help me fix them. If anyone teased me because I was crippled and the fact that I sat in a wheelchair he'd defend me. More than once he'd show how much support he was willing to give me. And, after I left his class at the end of the year he encouraged me to come back and visit him, which I did and still do. but, there was a day that stood out and one I never forgot.

It was a normal day and the class was conducted as usual. We went through all the subjects as we did every other day. First social studies where we was learning about geography. Then, our English portion which was half devoted to grammar and half was devoted to reading and reading comprehension. Then it was science and we whent to the science lab for 30 minutes where mr. moore was having us create our projects for science fair. Everyone was teamed up except me, no one wanted to do anything with the crippled girl, of course. I wasn't any use to them or any fun to them.

Then we had lunch and then it was our DARE time where a police officer came in and tried to persuade us not to take drugs an how it was bad. I remember we again sang the DARE song. Then the music teacher came in and we sang a few songs that day in particular we learned the song called fifty-nifty.

finally before school ended, the greatest moment in my life came. Mr. Tatter decided to have a contest to reward the best and most hardworking student of the month. So every month he'd have picked a student of the month. and, so today like every other day he stood in front of the classs.

"okay class, please take a deep breath and quiet down. I am going to anounce our student of the month," he said loudly over the rowdy students and there voices. there were suddenly many eager looking kids at that point. and a handful tried to demand to know if it was them. He smiled and looked out calmly at the class.

"You will know in a few minutes, please settle down so we can start," he said kindly to the students who asked and was more then ready to be the student of the month. I just sat quietly as I always did.

When the class finally settled down Mr. Tatter tried putting on his best announcer voice, "Okay, the student of the month... for january.... wil be...... ... ... drum roll please." all at once there were twenty kids beating on there desk for drumrol.

Mr. Tatter announced, "... ... will be.... Christine June." I blushed. Me, student of the month? No way! I was good but surely not good enough to recieve this honor. Many were upset that they nor their friends were chosen. Many eager faces turned in to almost all sour and unhappy faces.

"why that loser! She's no fun anyways! She's so gay that she'll be living with her mother and wearing diapers forever!" piped up Jack Rusty the most popular boy in the class and the person who bullied me the worst. Mr. Tatter looked angrily at Jack.

"Jack, do you wish to come up and say ten good things about Christine? Maybe you can come up and inform the class why she deserves student of the month," he said as calmly as possible to Jack. Jack looked from me to Mr. Tatter. My happy expression had disappeared and tears welled up in my eyes. Jack looked at Mr. Tatter.

"I'll tell my mom and say you're being mean!" he whined. This drew a great amount of applause from the rest of the class and random students muttered agreements. Some were pointing at me and talking to each other upset. Many students were clearly upset at Mr. Tatter and felt a great sense of hatred for me. Mr. Tatter Just smiled and didn't respond to Jack.

"please settle down, it's a minute before the bell rings, so lets settle down. Maybe one of you will get student of the month next time," he said smiling. most angrily ignored him and went on talking. At that moment the bell rang. everyone took there time leaving angrily pointing, staring, and laughing at me with there friends.

Jack came up to me and spit on me saying, "You deserve that you stupid gay girl! Go crawl to your mom and just die! You deserve it!" my sobs turned in to full blown tears. I was now definitely crying a lot. Mr. tatter who was watching me came over and looked angrily at Jack.

"what do you think you are doing, Jack? You think it appropriate to treat anyone like this? You know, I think I will be having words with your mom," He said sharply to jack, "is she waiting outside?" Jack was now looking down under Mr. Tatter's glare.

"my sister is picking me up," he muttered to the ground, " sorry. But, I think I should still have gotten the student of the month." He said this last statement more boldly. Mr. Tatter looked right in to Jack's eyes.

"Hmmmm... Well, maybe, but you don't exactly have the best grades or pay the most attention in class, do you? Hmmmmmm?" Mr. Tatter asked softly almost dangerously.

"no, I, uh, don't. Uh, sorry ." with that he slowly backed out of the classroom. Mr. Tatter seeing no one was left in the classroom closed the dorr. He went to the front of the room and grabbed the tissue box. He walked to my desk and set down the tissue box.

"here, dry up, and I'll wipe the spit off your table for you." he said handing me a few tissues. I greatfully wiped off the bit of spit on my shirt or as much as I could. I was still crying pretty hard so I had to blow my nose and wipe my eyes, a few dozen times.

"Christine, don't worry too much about what they have to say, they are only kids that have no idea how to behave themselves. And, are jealous that I like you and that I care about you. I care for all my students but they don't seem to realize it. I am glad you do, and can appreciate me, because I really do like you. I really do care for you and your grade. which is the best one I have this year. You have really outdone yourself. You are a very good student, and a good worker. You'll make it big out there," He said gently, "You are a charming young girl too and I am sure many will like you. You are so polite. I wish the rest of the students were more like yourself." He went to his desk to get something.

"I like you. You are a nice teacher. No teacher has been so nice to me. They are so mean, they don't want to know me," I said still sobbing. He came back over with a handful of chocolates and a small rectangular package in his hand. .

"thank you Christine. I can't speak for the rest of the teachers, but I really try to be kind and nice too all my students trying to establish a friendship with each so they aren't afraid to come talk to me," he said and handed over the package and the chocolates, "Oh, have these. Count them as an extra award for student of the month." There was a knock at the dorr and Mr. Tatter went to open the dorr. It was my Aunt. I lived with my Aunt because my mother and father thought it was too much of a burden to raise me, so I live with my aunt and uncle. My aunt always comes to my class to get me aat the end of the day because I couldn't go and walk outside myself, so she would come and get me and help me to get to her car and get home. An aide who helps me get around and occasionally help me out getting around the classroom if necessary. for the most part of the day but she leaves 30 minutes before school ends because at the end we usually don't do anything. So, that's what she did.

My aunt comes in and greets Mr. Tater and they chatter for a minute or to and then My aunt came over to me and wheeled me out of the classroom while asking the normal questions about my day.