A Wonderful Read

Author's Notes: So, I hope some of my readers here will pick it up or have. It's truly a good book and this is a recommendation for almost everyone, except folks younger then fourteen.


I love the valley! Look for it!

I am recommending this book and it's certainly not in one of the popular genres that everyone seems to like, but I really encourage you to step out of your comfort zone and read this. First it is good to step out of your comfort zone to explore the world and know it. Secondly, the world has more than you in it so it's always good to know about other things. This book will help you with that. It explores the world and life as a whole. I too sstepped out of my comfort zone to read this book because someone recommended it and I have never regreted it, not even for a second.

The title of this long ffiction novel is Atlas Shrugged. This philosophical read is by Ayn Rand. Rand writes about the world as it works and how people interact amongst the world. It speakes about laws and legislation that hinders economical growth and government favoritism that ruins the market. Watch carefully as time goes by and see how companies interact with each other.

This book does have a villain in it but it's not your traditional bad guy. Some might view him as an okay guy who is really trying to make things better. He's not too bad after all. At first glance he's a normal citizen like me and you, but if you analyze his character and philosophy you will understand exactly why he's bad. The main Villain is named Westly Mouch. Well, You could count James Taggart as another one if you so wish.

The heroine is obvious. Note that, it's a she. Her name is Dagny Taggart and she is a prominent exec. she's a vice president of a famous train company throughout the United States and she has an interesting personality.

Dagny Taggart must fight to save her company from demise.

After all, this has been a strong company for a long time first built by the great Nat Taggart (Nathaniel Taggart,) who had dreams of great success. She admired his ambition.

Partly inspired by her ancestor she struggles to make the company the best she can make it. She desires to fight for the company making it the best in the nation as it has always been. She desires to make this the best for the customers and she kindly attempts to help them out as best as possible.

However, is this a possibility? can she do it amongst this uncooperative, broken, and ineficient world? Is it a possibility?

It is certainly hard with a president, who happens to be her brother named James Taggart, that is unwilling to work in a professional fashion. Along with broken tracks, a steal company which has absolutely no intention in delivering orders, a public that rejects all new measures that Dagny is implimenting, uncooperative behaviors from washington, and quite a number of other obstacles. Besides rrunning the business,Taggart must also deal with other competitors. However, not only does she have to fight the competitors as all businesses must she has to face anti-trust laws which hinders her progress. If it's not impossible to get through this maze of difficult trials to reach the end, it still promises to be a very difficult journey.

However, it doesn't just speak about taggart's struggles but it also ties in stories of some other men such as Hank Rearden and Francisco DAnconia.

Hold on though... That's not the end of the good in this novel. there's also a popular saying that goes like "who's John Galt?" Is there such a person as Galt? If so who is this mysterious individual? If not, why does the phrase exist. Oh yes, there's certinly stories. In fact, plenty of them... everyone always seem to have a version of who Galt is. Everyone's ttale is very different too. Are these merely tales? Are they true? Or rather... which one is true if it is?

In short, I think Ayn Rand's Atlas Shrugged is a good read and a must read for all in the world. It really demonstrates a great many things about life, how to live it, and what it means. It will teach you many things, give you tons to think about, and help find yourself along with living a good life. So, Trie Atlas Shrugged!!! It's a good book! It's worth the try!