Accessibility Is Key

Yes, another rant from me. another unhappy moment.

Anyone wants to help, here? I don't think the librarian's done. I heard she got upset when I took it up with the administrator. I didn't see another solution, really. and, she's always been impolite, and impatient towards me. I'll take this up with my family for sure, but... any ideas?

You go to a library with the intention to easy access to matterials and to enjoy yourself while researching. Who would expect to face a case of inaccessibility and a difficult argument, especially at a school library? I never liked the head librarian in the first place. Her assistant is alright, and we get along fine, if she's not in the picture. She's 3/4th of the problem but also a lack of resources is. I don't mind if there's no braille books but my main problem is the access to a computer. The library has 30 computers which means most of the time if you are sighted and wish to use one for research at school, you'd get one 99% of the time get on one. Well, guess how many of them have screen readers? Only 2! Problem? those are open computers, and most times when I want to use them folks are too. I can't go to the other 28 and use them, really I can't. They aren't last resort computers either. so... you can imagine my frustration. I have only 2 computers in the library to use and most times I can't even use them! Or it takes hussling someone off the computer which are not easy to do and I don't always have time to do that.

Anyhow, the issue at hand is the log in screen for my school's computer. It's initially inaccessible. My screen Reader's JAWS does not pull up until the computer logs in to an account, and then you pull up JAWS by pressing a few key strokes. the problem was that the librarian had asked me to try logging in without sighted assistance. I don't know about you, but I find that unreasonable. Especially when I had expressed my distress with working without a screen reader on a computer. I am pretty good at typing on a computer, but without a screen reader or reassurance from a sighted person I become nervous and mistype things. I've tryed before, and I've never succeeded without a screen reader or sighted assistance. I had expressed that over and over to her. Still she forced me to do it. She claimed that she wouldn't help me until I did it. again, I tell you, I miss keys when I type on a computer and I have no idea what I am doing. She also insisted that I do it everytime. I wasn't willing to stand through inaccessibility and let her do anything further, so I took it up with an administrator, which carried out well. after I returned I made progress although it was difficult. she had insisted that it was for independences sake and so her assistant insisted that as well. Well, excuse me, for saying, but when has the ability to have access to my tools and independence ever conflicted? I am so successful and can think quickly and on my feet today due to my family's support for getting me and supplying me with the necesary equipment to do and modify life. They have given me everything I need to be successful and to find my way in this world in the way of visual aid. I have most things in hand to make life easy and pretty normal, to the point that I could live with everyone else. I will stand for no less. this amount is good. When it comes to accessibility issues I will stand firm so I can do my best in this world. but back to the library situation. I'd argue that the statement she and her assistant makes is invalid. what has dependence and a screen that I can neither read nor have any means to finding out if it's right unless someone is looking have anything to do with each other? Is it really that much of a bother to spend to minutes or less to stand there and help me be sure I've typed in the correct characters and have successfully logged in to the system? a soulution encouraging Independence would not be telling me to work with inaccessible equipment when there's no way to work with it. The one way to help would be finding software or setting the software so it reads me the log in screen. This way I can operate confidently and comfortably. Do I really always want someone there knowing part of my log in? No, of course I don't! but, what if it's the only way? The assistant also asked me what was I going to do in the future, when I am not in that school? Isn't the answer simple? If the equipment needs a person to help me in order to access my tools to operate the computer, I'd absolutely have to ask for help! and, I'd do it willingly to. Isn't that the Job of the staff at the libraries? to help with there customers? Well, I've never had any problems such as this outside of school. Every public librarian has been friendly and willing to help. I've gotten quality assistant from every other library.

Now, I know when I am not wanted!