Innocence comes with age: Purity is lost in this day and age. The value of it is that of a penny to the human mind. Virginity is often given, taken, and stolen by the hands of the wicked. Perverse language is the norm for this generation. Isn't it sad? What happened to the days of safety and refuge? When parents didn't have to worry about little Amy being raped by her uncle? Those days are long gone, hun. And it's about to get worst. Heard of the saying innocence comes with age? Innocence is played like a child's toy in most cases. Sold to evil and perverted sick men that except the fact that killing a young girls spirit is the best way to live. Well let me tell you, they have one thing coming to them. The rapture will pull the righteous to the heavens and will leave the perverted alienated humans to rot on the dying earth. If they don't turn from they're evil ways, they will have eternity in the pits of hell. Purity is of Jesus and is our virtue. Isn't it sad? Ever heard of the saying innocence comes with age?