Life And Death

Author's Note: so, I tried.... I actually am a fence sitter on this one.

Plant grows, looks charming and then dies. they then further enriches the soil and then new plant life is created by reproduction, and spread of seeds by the wind. The game of life and deth and of evolution goes on.

You may ask me what that has to do with human life. perhaps you find it completely illogical, unrealistic, and riddiculous that I dare to compare human life and existence with plant growth. Maybe I am, but maybe I am not.

Human existence is similar to these plants and how they live and die. We are born and emerge from the mother's womb. Then, we live as a child connecting dots and learning new concepts, then life and eexperiences carry us from childhood to elderly men, who eventually dies. Life is over no matter if one has lived a good life or not. However, I don't believe we have a second life no matter in Heaven, Hell, or on earth. It's just unrealistic and too good to be true.

Another problem with a second life is that a second life or an afterlife, is unprovable. there's no way you can ask a dead person or rather a random soul to tell you. It simply doesn't work that way.

While both are unsure answers and mere guesses, the one that atheists takes is more solid and concrete. the body is still there soul or no soul. the one religious men holds as truth is much more mystical and unrealistic. It almost seem fairytale like and much like a Disney story. alas not everything is happy always and have good endings.

While the religious views may not be true, it could be a possibility. How it would work, that I am unsure about. However, I find it hard to believe in. Sure, it's happier and less depressing, but sometimes reality must be dreadful and empty.

We will never know the answer. It shall stay unknown for ages to come as it has been in the past. Only time will tell and the truth shall be revealed after deth.