Life And Proper Attitude

Author's notes: A new piece to think about and act upon! Sorry for the angle of this piece. it's slightly incorrect, but I tried my best. I had to fit in quotes which I had removed, so sorry if it's rough, but I had to work with their opinions as well.

There always are a select group who enjoys to bask in their self righteousness as if they were God. This is narcissism in essence as narcissism is the excessive obssession of oneself. The particular individual does not consider others who also share this earth, but only themselves, and wish to focus solely on their own business as if nothing else mattered in the world except them. There is a vast difference between confidence and narcissism. Comfidence is not narcissism, as confidence is about being sure of oneself. Unfortunately, some individuals in society has adopted narcissism as their epistemology. Fortunately, confidence is still cherish rather than narcissism. In society it is more realistic to be confident than Narcissistic. There are more downsides to narcissism than confidence and significantly more positive upsides to confidence than to narcissism. Confidence is more practical than narcissism. However in media, Narcissism is significantly emphasized. In short, there is a difference between Narcissism and confidence. Confidence always being the safer path to travel along.