life's purpose

author's note: Don't confuse that with not having a meaning. I believe people make the meaning and the meaning to life and why we live it is individualistic, however one thing for sure is one must make the most of life!

Life is often complex and complicated to live in. It often comes across as depressing, pointless, or mystical.

Having been interested in philosophy for two years now, and studying it for fun I've discovered what life is by observing people. It's a hard concept, to get precisely because it's so broad. The broadness of this meaning to life ensured that it was hard to fine and assemble. However, the esential questions are simple.

Who am I?

What do I value?

How am I suppose to live my life in a way that I may enjoy and take pleasure in?

What career should I select according to my values?

How can I make the most meaning and bes productivity out of my life with the Hobbies and

Career I chose

If you answer all these questions and especially the last one you have the meaning to all existence. To live is to have an opportunity to be on earth, live however you'd like, but most of all, make the best and most meaning out of it.