The mind at an end

Writer's block is a common problem amongst writers, probably from the beginning of time. It occurs quite often during the writing process for many. There are certainly solutions to writer's block, as there is for anything else. However, to be able to solve any problems we must understand the underlying concepts.

Writer's block occurs because of a few reasons and has a number of solutions. It is when a writer can no longer think of an idea for his story and can't seem to progress with his story or lacks the motivation to continue. This no doubt is frustrating and hard for the writer and quite the experience. There are many solutions to this problem, and even more ways to carry out these soulutions.

A common problem concerning not being able to write is the lack of ideas. We lack ideas for the story simply because we can't do it or we need to know more. Our mind can only work with the information we know or have learnt, and the things it has connected the dots for. In this case, we need to find a solution to either know the subject or connect the dots correctly.

Researching might be helpful, and may be your solution. As trivial as we may find researching and looking in to a subject matter , and the amount of hate we place on it, it is still relevant and important. Researching and learning about the subject which you write about may be helpful, even if you are sure you know a lot about it. There's nothing wrong with learning more about your subject.

If researching helps it is advisable to devote a day in the library preferably a larger library. Another good place to go is a museum or showcase specific to your topic. The Internet however, should be your last option, as the information could be incorrect. There's no guarantee, here. In anycase, whatever you choose, a helpful process to complete is to find a few key concepts or ideas you'd think most appropriate to go after. Then, You are pretty much ready to research until you are satisfied. However, there's more ways then a simple research session, which I do think is the most productive and helpful.

Another process that may be helpful is to read. Pick up a book similar to your story or book. If you are wanting to publish a book of essays like myself, then another book of essays may be useful. It is important to note that copying out of the book you read is illegal and unadvisable. So, read it and only utilize it as a baseline or inspiration. Then Pick up another and if you require it, another. Read Until you have enough ideas and inspiration. I would recommend that you jot some ideas down so you may remember what to use. These, two are the key to writing, but there's a simpler solution that is less time consuming.

This would be to write what you already know and don't attempt to write something you can't handle. You should write