Writing Philosophically

Author's note: so, I tried, folks, to write this piece on writing in a meaningful way. It was difficult for me, because I seem to just do it. I've been doing this for many years now, it almost seems like a natural process of mine. I have tried to explain it and attempt to help folks out! enjoy!

Writing is a very complex art and requires much training. However, writing with a meaning, moral, or integrating philosophical ideas in a story is rare. It is difficult along with being a lot of work and time to develop such a skill. The most important skill one must aquire is how to think well in a philosophical way.

In many ways, this can be a challenge to many as thinking is a rarity today. Most don't want to work with the big problems that are important in society. They rather work with things that don't require much thinking.

In modern society you might find that one knows very few details about Laws and who's leading there country and why they are there. On the other hand, many people are up to date with modern gossip about Hollywood stars, and folks on American idol. However, when folks care about sports more than Laws passing through congress, it becomes a problem. This problem must be rectified if one desires to write a meaningful masterpiece.

The mind must be ready to think and the gears ready to be used and worked as efficiently as possible. The machinery must be ready for action and forward motion.

One must start to understand by looking past the fun, games, and trivial matters in life. Stop thinking about "me" only. Being a bit self interested is normal, but you certainly can't focus on you the whole time. Think about yourself and what's good for you, but then expand the horizons. Also, think in terms of importance rather than fun and enjoyment.

Another good way to do this is getting out there and feeling uncomfortable. I don't mean you should actually feel horrible about what you are doing, but a little awkwardness won't harm you. Go to places you haven't been before. Whether you blend in to the background or decide to play an active role in the setting doesn't really matter. You do however, need to be aware of what is happening.

Analyze what you are sensing. Ask yourself these questions: How do I feel? What does this feeling mean to me? Why am I feeling this way about this situation? Why are they doing this? For what motive? What might they be thinking? What might be their thinking process? Is there a lesson to learn? How can I learn this lesson? Is this short term or long term? (if short term) Is there a way to make this experience a long term lesson that I could take with me? What did I learn about People? These questions will help you to live a better life, understanding the world better, and writing a meaningful story. Do this a lot! Perform these observations and thoughts everywhere you go.

Often you obtain many details from your observations. Proceed to write it down. Tell people about it. Write it how you think it is. Don't change your thoughts or twist it in to a nice story. Many times it tells a story of it's very own. If you twist it, it only sounds fake, unreal, and altered. However, don't confuse this with putting in philosophical theories that already exists. That's not a bad thing to do and if done write it may even enhance your story! I've done this before, really, that's all I do, and people enjoy it! Is there a fancy way to write deep? No! Just think, think, and think!

Another idea is to write down your past experiences. If you remember them, analyze them. Use the questions from above. Also, write those down and present it whole to the world. Remember not to touch it too much. Leave it Raw!

A Third and final way I have to present here, is simply to create your own setting. Make it mostly real, or real enough that you may put some observing in to it. Then once again repeat the steps presented above. Remember to not focus on world building too much! That's not the important thing here. The observation, reasoning, and putting meaning in to a story is the main goal here. I did this very successfully in a story as well, and got a lot of commentary on it, praising the way I wrote it. So, it's possible!

Writing a meaningful piece is not impossible at all. If done correctly it's not difficult, and it's not suppose to. It only requires some more thinking, and intellectuality. This type of writing is often a great deal of fun if not a refreshing learning experience!