Views on The War On Islamic Rule

I am not a person who enjoys war, but if we must fight to protect our safety and the safety of the world, then we must. However, I am patriotic. Being a first generation in America and a person who agrees with Libertarians the most, I don't want the republic to disappear and certainly not to be conquered.

I must first point out, that it is riddiculous to say that, America planned, performed, and was responsible for 9-11. You have to remember that America at that point was under George W. Bush's leadership, who as liberal as he got, was a republican. It would be different perhaps if Al Gore had won the race and a democratic cabinet was in the white house. However, a republican president and his cabinet, as liberal as they could have gotten wouldn't have done such a thing. A conservative ideology which respects America and the principals, which made this country so successful, couldn't do such a thing.

it would almost be unrealistic. How can one who holds his country in fairly high esteem want to destroy the country or crash a plane in to one of it's most famous buildings?

perhaps it was illegal and the war was undeclared, however it was for self defense. I agree with Ron Paul in saying that if we really wanted to fight Iraq and Iran, then declare war, rather then invading. It would be more efficient. Indeed, Iraq could be the wrong place to attack, but Iran certainly wouldn't have been. So, we should have declared war on Iran, which would make it legal. Yes, terrorists might not stay in one country, but many reside in Iran. We must show the Muslim priests, leaders, and if one must argue, Muhammad, that muslim expansion must stop. America has no desire to become an Islamic nation. Our founding fathers, was christian and this nation was founded on christian ethics, which makes our unofficial religion to be Christianity. However, Americans also would like the freedom to have a choice to practice whatever religion they wish without a tax.

Even if we discover all this is wrong and untrue, it is too late to pull out. We can't do it now. It would make America look cowardly, more shameful then we are already, admit to losing, and weaken our nation. We are currently fighting a war, not sitting down for a nice chat. You may leave whenever if you are having a nice chat, but not during a war. This is combat, and if you cease now, it's almost as if you told the islamic world, "Okay, we give in, we give up, you win." If not that, at least you have told them they have won. You have not finished the fight, and there's no possible way to look good and withdraw. If we showed them they have won, then they might think it is alright to bring Islam to the States and impose it on the people. If that doesn't happen, at the least the United States will appear as the one who lost to a middle eastern country, the US. military being the largest and the best. The respect for the US. will then increase and the Land Of The Free will be viewed as a weaker power, liberty less respected, and not be taken as seriously.