I Wonder Regretfully

Author's Notes: This is a letter I wrote for another site... If you are actually ignoring me and you see this somehow, please consider this. Please take this as a peaceful way of communications.

Dear Offended

I have no idea whatsoever why I am being ignored. perhaps I have set off a spark somewhere. perhaps, I've said something offensive, something worth the hate. I am sorry for whatever might have triggered it. I know I possess a personality that not everyone likes or enjoys. However, perhaps, I could give you some leads to why I said it or perhaps if it was something offensive I said, retract it and appologize. I am willing to compremise if you are willing as well. I am willing to be friends and set aside our difference if possible. I am willing to be friends and extend a hand.

I ask you to consider this proposition. I ask you to consider me as a person. I attempt to be kind, however, critical I am. I try to make people happy and comfortable. I want friends and not foes. I want you to stand on my side. Perhaps not as the greatest of friends but friendly enough to not hate me.

I hope you will understand. I hope you will atempt to understand me. I hope you will learn to forgive me and at least say Hello. I really hope to make a friend and not a foe.

Your sorrowful offender,