The first time I saw you I knew you were special, I just didn't realize how special at the time. Over the past couple years I've gone from liking you to full on, head over heels, love. At first I was afraid because I didn't know what this feeling was but once I figured it out, I knew you were my first love.

You are the most amazing person I've ever met. The most selfless, kind, caring, funny, intelligent, and just fantastic person I'll probably ever know. You've set the bar for any man I meet later in life, and no one will ever touch who you were. I know I'll never feel this way for anyone ever again… you were a unique person, a unique love. You always made me smile, your soul burned like starlight, keeping the cold and dark at bay. You've managed to pull me out of the darkness without trying… you saved me from the world and myself.

You're brilliant, whether you knew it or not. You never realized how you change people's lives… just one touch and you make everyone better. I don't think you figured out how I felt about you, how you changed my life, healed me, and made me love everything. I would have followed you to the edge of existence, the end of time, if you'd let me. But I missed my chance.

I wish I'd told you that I loved you… that I love you, with everything I am. But it's too late. I'm so sorry, my lonely angel, if I could have only made your life brighter before the end. You helped so many people, but you were always left in pain. Your past hung over you like a shadow… I wish I could have banished your darkness like you banished mine.

Now you're gone… you left us while saving someone. You were my hero… I wished the world knew that you were a hero to many; you never wanted the credit though. When I finally said those words, those three simple words, you'd already left us. I wept harder than I ever have before and my heart still feels empty to this day. But I'll move on, it's what you'd do… I'll move on but always remember, always love you.

I fell for an angel… I guess you're where you were mean to be now… heaven.