Before the story begins let me warn you. It will be weird. And if something about it doesn't make since please inform me. I want to be a professional writer someday, so I'm always willing to improve my skills. Thank you. =)

And it starts......Now.

A sigh. A grim frown. Hazel eyes darted towards the beginning of hell.

Terrance Hunter, age 15, was staring directly at his new all boy school. Rainbow High. He scoffed. His parents had forced him into this. Leaving his all his best friends from his hometown (actually he didn't have any friends from there or anywhere for that matter), settling in a cheap run-down house which had carpets that were old and ripped and smelled of cigarettes, and enrolling into what would have to be the gayest school in the world.

His eye twitched when a lovey-dovey couple walked passed him. A lovely-dovey couple that were both males! He almost gagged when the taller of the two leaned down and captured the other's lips with his own.

Okay look! He was in no way a homophobe. But every time he saw PDA like that he felt weird. Like a disease sort of weird. His face would fluster, his palms would get sweaty, and his breathing would get a little rigged.

His pants would have a bulge too but that was one symptom he wouldn't admit to anyone, least of all himself.

Slugging his backpack over his shoulders, he braced himself and walked forward. He casually entered the double doors with a scowl on his face. Thankfully, no one paid any attention to him as he rushed to find his first class.

It wasn't too hard to find. He hastily entered and took a seat in an empty chair. Well all the chairs were empty. If there was one thing Terrance Hunter could do it was be twenty minutes early to class.

He decided to preoccupy himself until class started by flicking lent off his fingernails. Might not sound too amusing for most but Terrance figured if people couldn't find the appeal of the sport than too bad for them.

Yessiree, he bet he has the most fun out of all these students combined.

With a loud bang, the door to the classroom flew open and a blur rushed inside. At least it looked like a blur because it was going so fast. Terrance's eyes widened when the boy stopped and began speaking to someone that wasn't there.

"Okay sir, look. I can explain this time why I'm late. This time I can explain! I was just minding my own business, eating my Wheaties this morning when I got a call. I answered the call. It was my bf. I said hi. He said hi. I said 'whatcha doin?' He said 'getting ready for school.' I said, 'no shit? Me too.'"

Terrance jaw fell slack as he watched the odd, odd sight before him. Apparently that boy had a mental disorder.

But he was quite a looker.

He didn't think that just now. Terrance Hunter didn't just think that.

The boy was quite a deal taller than Terrance, with smoldering blue eyes and spiky brown hair that went straight up, save for the bangs in front of his eyes. He had long limbs and a nice, strong stance. He was wearing torn-up jeans and a pale blue T-shirt.

Terrance shook his head sadly at the display. The boy's mouth was still going at a hundred miles an hour and he still didn't notice he was talking to no one.

When it seemed like the idiot wasn't going to figure it out for himself anytime soon, Terrance coughed.

"There's no one there," he scowled.

The boy jumped out of his skin and swiveled to face where the voice had come from. His captivating and somewhat cute (Terrance didn't think that) blue eyes blinked several times.

After a short pause, the boy waved a hand in greeting.

"Hello there. Don't recall ever seeing you. New here?"

Terrance paused. Wasn't that guy just worried about being late for class like- half a second ago? Now he wanted to make small talk? What a doofus!

"Uh- yeah, I just moved," Terrance averted his eyes.

He was never good at small talk. He was never good at regular talk. Something about the whole 'socializing' thing never appealed to him much. The other boy winked and pointed towards himself using his thumb.

"Name's Tim. Seventeen years old."

There was a long silence after that. Blue eyes stared at hazel. Hazel stared at blue. Blue stared at hazel again.

Somehow a sudden wind blew from seemingly nowhere, and a tumbleweed scurried off in the distance.

Terrance blinked. Then he replayed the impossible situation in his head. Breeze indoors. Tumbleweed coming out of thin air then vanishing. Wait- what?

Tim put a hand over his head sheepishly.

"I got held back," he explained.

"That's because you didn't study enough," a voice called out.

Both males turned their attention to the boy entering the classroom. He was quite short, smaller than Terrance. And when he walked up next to Tim he almost looked like a mouse in comparison. He had a hard gaze covered with square glasses, a stout nose, and red hair falling like rain down his entire head.

Tim shrugged.

"Nice to see you too Ben."

"Benjamin," the other corrected icily.

Terrance felt his eye twitch. Well this newcomer was certainly charming. The boy named Benjamin set his green eyes on Terrance.

"You should watch your back. New students are always like fresh meet to a good portion of the guys here. If you're going to fall for any of them, let me be the first to warn you. Use protection, for the love of God. Don't trust anything he might say. Come prepared."

Terrance jaw nearly fell to the floor. Was this guy serious? He said it with such a straight face! Tim burst up laughing.

"Nag nag nag, that's all you do Benny! Not five seconds after meeting the guy and you're acting like his mother!"

Time turned to the dumbstruck new student.

"I'm pretty sure this guy's a smart one. If the guys start hitting on him he'll know what to do. I mean look at that face."

The tall teen suddenly cupped Terrance's face with his palms. Tim's eyes gazed deeply into own. Terrance was now baffled a different way, and frozen into place.

"I know that face," Tim said while his eyes were set on Terrance's, "That's the face of the badass uke. Those are the kinds that can take care of themselves easily. Tell you what, I'm sure he knows what he's doing when..."

"What the hell's an uke?" Terrance intervened when he forced himself to find his voice.

A long silence, followed by another breeze and tumbleweed. Benjamin looked at him as if he grown a second head.

"You're kidding right? You're a student here and you don't know what an uke is?"

"I..I...I just got here!" he defended himself.

Tim was looking at him baffled now. But he was still holding the other's head in place. Terrance felt his face flush from the contact.

No no no no no no no no! He was not enjoying this! He was not blushing right now! He was not thinking this guy cupping his cheeks was handsome! And that sudden tightness in his trousers certainly was not existent!

He breathed a sigh in relief when Tim finally let go. He had an amused smile on his face.

"An uke's bottom, dumbass!" he laughed, "You know, the one who takes."

It took a moment for it to register into Terrance's brain. When it did, he shook his head frantically while waving his hands in unison.

"You got it all wrong, I'm straight."

Silence. Breeze and tumbleweed. How the hell did that keep on happening?!

Benjamin pushed his glasses up on the rim of his nose.

"Could've fooled me. The way you were blushing like a horny virgin when Tim touched you made me sure about your sexuality."

Terrance bared his teeth in anger.

"What did you say to me?!"

Benjamin stood tall.

"I basically said you're in the fucking closet if you get my drift."

The accusation was like a knife burrowing in Terrance's heart. The teen's face went red.

"You're wrong!" he shouted.

Tim pushed himself between Benjamin and Terrance's desk.

"Okay okay, let's not start a cat fight before class, alright? I don't want anyone gettin' hurt."

Benjamin, completely composed, merely walked quietly to his seat. Either he didn't notice or he didn't care (which was more likely) about the death-glare Terrance sent his way.

Tim attempted to quell the fire.

"Buddie, if you say you're straight, then dammit you're straight. But just a warning..."

Terrance expression soften to curiosity as he turned his attention on the taller student.

"Now I'm not say you are gay or anything but you do kind of give off a gay vibe about you, you know what I'm saying? So make it clear to people that you're straight because I swear, with looks like yours you will be a target."

The warning struck Terrance cold. He will be a target. He couldn't help but notice Tim used the word 'will' and not 'might'. He bit his lip. He better take the advice to heart and watch himself here.

The teacher came in a few minutes later. It was still a while yet before class began but other students did show up. Some of them paid no mind to Terrance altogether, a fact which was truly appreciated by said teen. However, there were a few who had their eyes set in interest on the new student.

One was a pale white boy with short black hair and a pierced lip. And pierced nose. And pierced eyebrows. Terrance wouldn't be surprised if there were piercings in other places too. He wore all black and his get-up had chains everywhere. Terrance could tell- because the man obviously had no shame wearing that kind of tight shirt- that he worked out on a daily basis. But what unnerved Terrance the most was that predatory gaze about the boy.

There was another boy giving him some looks. He was African American with brick red hair. It was kind of an interesting complexion of color- Terrance mused. The boy had a pretty face and mysterious dark eyes. He had a very calm, quiet aura radiating from him. He was dressed in a cuffed-up white shirt with a over-shirt and nice, slimming pair of pants. He had much more gentle eyes than the previous boy but they still held apparent interest for Terrance.

The last one was a blond-haired, blue-eyed looking beauty (not Terrance's thinking). He looked a bit shorter than Terrance, and his eyes were huge and innocent looking. Terrance took a look at him again. How old was this boy? His backpack was the shape of a teddy bear head, his shirt had Megaman on it, and (Terrance couldn't quite tell from this distance) it looked like he had candy sticking out of his pocket. Was he in the wrong class? And why was he giving Terrance that look? The expression on his face certainly didn't seem as innocent as his eyes.

Terrance found himself mentally cursing. Why were these people looking at him like a tasty piece of meat! Even the little kid-looking one for Christ's sakes!

By this time it appeared the majority of the class was present at least. The instructor cleared his throat. He looked no older than twenty-six, with wild hair that reminded Terrance of Einstein.

"Okay class this is History. I am Professor Foss. I will be teaching you- THE TRUTH!"

He raised his hands in the air at the shouting of the last two words. Everyone blinked and fell silent as their instructor stared at seemingly nothing. He had a crazed look and wasn't blinking for the longest time.

Slowly lowering his hands, Professor Foss turned to the chalkboard. Grabbing the chalk he began writing the word 'Lies' in big letters. He then wrote 'Truth'. Some of the students shuffled their feet. Foss turned around and pointed at the word 'Lies' with his chalk.

"You are here. You are here because of them. They are controlling ever aspect of your life. They will not stop until we are all dead! We need to know the truth!"

Terrance's eyes wondered frantically around the room. He was looking to see what the other people thought of this guy. Because he for one was becoming increasingly scared shitless. He noticed with slight relief that everyone else looked just as confused (and frightened) too.

"Alrighty then, let's start class."

Professor Foss went to the suitcase he brought to class and popped it opened. He took out a rubber duck and slammed it hard on the desk. Everyone was stunned in silence. The insane teacher pointed at the object accusingly.

"This," he spoke the word forcefully, "Is the reason we die!"

A student very, very hesitantly raised his hand.

" okay?"

Terrance mentally applauded that brave student for asking that question out loud. He himself was far too frightened to make his presence known to the History professor.

Before the man could answer, there was a shout coming from the outside.

"There he is! We found him!"

Professor Foss jumped back when two burly mean burst into the classroom. They were immediately followed by a handsome young man, probably twenty-six as well, in a clean white suit. The man had long blond hair and glasses covering gorgeous brown eyes.

The blond haired doctor looked at the students reassuringly, giving them a pleasant smile. The handsome smile was enough to relax them a bit. Terrance even felt his face flush.

"Do not be alarmed," the doctor spoke with a calm, silky voice, "This man is not your teacher. Don't be alarmed now. We have the situation under control."

He turned away from the flabbergasted audience and gave a stern glare to- whoever the guy was.

"Max, why did you run away from the asylum again," he spoke like he was scolding a toddler, "The asylum loves you. It's your home. You hurt its feeling by running off like that."

The crazed man named Max darted his confused eyes from the two burly men to the doctor, then the two men again.

"The asylum is nothing but lies!"

Even though Terrance was a good distance away from the scene, he felt himself instinctively leaning away as far as he could in his chair.

The doctor clapped his hands together. He motioned at one of the men, who edged closer to Max with a straight-jacket.

"It's very cold in here. Won't you put this jacket on? Then we'll talk about truth over a nice cup of tea."

Max stumbled backwards, warily looking at the approaching man.

"Okay class, sorry I'm late. I got caught in- What the hell?" an elderly man came in the classroom and just now noticed the queer situation.

The doctor turned his attention to the real professor and smiled.

"We have everything under control, sir."

He turned back to Max.

"It's a very warm jacket. And it's very cold in here. You want to wrap yourself in the nice, warm jacket. You're very cold. The jacket is very cozy."

At his words Max started shivering uncontrollably. He hastily walked over to the burly man, who put him in the jacket.

Suddenly, with the burly man holding him down, Max began struggling like a trapped bear.

"I can't move my arms! Lies! You lied!!"

The doctor- unfazed- calmly walked over with a needle in his hand. The classroom couldn't see what he was doing but Max's loud wailing quietened very quickly. The man lifted the now sleeping figure up over his shoulder and walked out. The other burly man followed, groaning about how he didn't get to do anything.

The doctor smiled another reassuring smile at the very stunned, very scared audience.

"Everything is okay. We're taking him back now. No cause for alarm. However," he pointed up a finger, "If by the off chance you see this man again, I ask you to call the nearest hospital and ask for my name. I am Dr. Allan Brightdale. When they transfer you to me tell me the exact location he's at. I thank you for your cooperation."

And it was just like that, he left the classroom.

Long, long silence filled the room. Followed by a breeze and tumbleweed. Terrance's eye twitched. Well, that was an interesting first class. And the class hadn't even begun yet.

I've had this idea for the longest time. I was unsure about sharing it with other people because I didn't know if they would like it or not. I have a thing for crackish humor.

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