Terrance's mouth stretched open as wide as it could go, the corners of his lips creasing as it did so. A big, loud yawn escaped. He had woken up way too early. The shadows underneath his eyes sacked with noticeable weight. Small strands of his brown locks stood up like hangnails on top of his usually smooth hair.

Mr. Appleberry, the real history professor, had yet to enter the classroom. The students were currently taking advantage of this situation by making conversation with their friends. The collection of voices droned each other out and the obnoxious sound crashed into Terrance's sensitive eardrum. The hazel eyed boy covered his ears, not caring if anyone saw.

Someone did. Terrance snapped into attention when he felt his shoulder being nudged playfully.

"What'cha doing, silly doofus?"

Tim's goofy grin reached the tall man's eyes easily. They twinkled pleasantly to show that seeing his friend gave him genuine happiness. Terrance pretended that he didn't noticed this. He also pretended that his own ill spirits didn't lift by a fraction because he was flattered someone was so happy to see him. Terrance drop his head into the palm of his hand. He stared at the other with a bored expression.

"Just trying to get through my second day of hell."

"Oh man, I know! School is hell, I agree with you there! You know, they should pay us to go to school. Actually, Lawrence gets paid to go to school. Lucky bastard. I-"

"Could you tell me more about Lawrence?" the inquiry escaped Terrance's lips before he could catch it.

He didn't know where that question had come from. He hadn't thought about Tim's boyfriend from college since he had first heard about him yesterday afternoon. Tim was equally as stunned, if not more so. Blue eyes were struck in awe.

There was a long moment of silence. Terrance felt a familiar breeze blowing on his back, and the sound of a tumbleweed passing right over his shoulder was heard. For a moment, Terrance wondered if that only happened in this class.

Tim, like all the others, didn't take any notice to the tumbleweed. Instead, the spiky haired boy's expression lit up and his lips spread into a full grin.

"Sure! I can tell you all about him. He's a year older than me, likes books, but not the ones I read which only has pictures. Dirty pictures. In fact he gets kind of jealous when I look at them and start jacking-"

"Okay, that's far enough," Terrance cut in, blushing profusely, "Tell me about your boyfriend, not your kinks!"

Tim made a 'tsk tsk' sound. He waved his index finger for added effect.

"Oh, but my boyfriend is my kink. Lawrence and I go way back. I remember when I first started flirting with him. I needed help in math class, so I got him to tutor me. And you know what I did?"

Tim's eyes gleamed and Terrance was unsure if he wanted to know the answer. Actually, he took that back. He knew he never wanted to know the answer. Never. Never! He'd rather die.

Of course with that in mind, Terrance's reply made total sense.

"Okay yeah, tell me."

Tim hid a snicker behind his mouth like he had some sort of secret joke. A bead of sweat dropped down the backside of Terrance's head. Tim looked at him with a glued smile.

"Okay get this. I had to do the odd numbers from 1 through 87 for my homework. So I pointed to a question, looked at him straight in the eye, and asked how you did 69. He was given me a whole bunch of math mumbo-jumbo language until I go- 'No, Larry. How. Do. You. Do. 69?' And then I winked. Hehe. Get it Terry? Because 69 also means-"

"Yes, I get it!"

Tim cracked up laughing at Terrance's reaction. Hazel eyes narrowed. Tim was laughing so hard he was holding his stomach in case his gut would burst out. Benjamin came up beside him looking confused.

"What's so funny?"

"Nothing!" Terrance cried out before the other could answer.

Tim shook his head and wiped a tear from his eye. Benjamin looked around with a slightly nervous expression on his face.

"Haven't you guys.....noticed anything?"

Blue and hazel eyes blinked in response. Benjamin attempted to elaborate.

"Like...something's missing? Rather someone? Do you know who I'm talking about?"

Tim was honestly left in the dark. Terrance, however, also noticed Kyle's tardiness. But he didn't want to voice it. He was afraid that if he did, people would think he cared for the guy.

Tim scratched his head in confusion. Benjamin sighed.

"The Bipolar King. He's not here. You know that can only mean one thing."

Tim jolted like he was literally struck by lightning. His eyes widened in horror.

"Oh SHIT!"

The feeling that he was going to regret something yesterday made its return to Terrance's chest. He tilted his head towards Tim with an anxious look.

"What? What is it?"

At that moment the teacher came in with a suitcase in hand.

"Okay kids, sorry I'm late again. I got caught in the afternoon traffic."

"It's morning!" A voice rang out.

"Now return to your seats, all of you," the teacher continued ignoring the outburst, "We have a lot to do today. Second day of class is always hardest, you know."

"You said the first day of class was the hardest yesterday!" Another voice whined.

"And that we wouldn't do as much!"

"I nearly collapsed from the lecture yesterday!"

"Look you sniffling bitches!" Mr Appleberry shouted suddenly angry,"You think that the students are the only ones who hate school? This whole place can just burn in hell for all I care if I didn't work here. Goddamn it! You know half of you people's handwriting is almost impossible to read? Yet I'm grading countless essays-"

"What if you don't assign essays?" Came a hopeful suggestion.

"I can't do that!" Mr. Appleberry's face was red and a vein appeared on his forehead, "You think I wouldn't if I could get away with it?! The rules-"


Everyone jumped at the impossibly loud, booming voice.


When the Bipolar King entered, he had such an angry aura about him that it act as a kind of bug repellent. People felt their feet moving out of his way automatically as he stomped into the class. Terrance was now regretting everything.

He noticed everyone's petrified faces. Rex tried to look compose but his knees were shaking. Benjamin was hiding behind Tim. Tim was hiding behind some other guy. That other guy was hiding behind the teacher. And so on.

In the line of hiding behind someone, Terrance noticed the Sid kid quivering in fear. His blue eyes were wide and watery. His lips pouted in fear, like a little child. It was so cute and sad it made Terrance want to cry.

He stopped short. Did he just thought the guy was cute?

"K-Kyle," Appleberry stammered, "Y-y-y-you d-d-d-d-d-don't look so well. Maybe you should go home and....get some rest?"

If Terrance hadn't been so damn scared of Kyle's devilish rage, he would've been awed at the sight of a teacher kissing up to the student. Kyle's eyes were no longer calm. They didn't have that passive radiance they had had yesterday.

Now they were more like hard black coals. And if you dared to look closely enough, you would see that they were already burning. Kyle landed the fiery gaze one-by-one onto each person.

When they met Terrance, the hazel eyed boy sucked in a breath. Kyle's expression didn't soften in the slightest. Yet he stared at Terrance much longer than he had with everyone else. Finally, Terrance was able to breathe again when Kyle turned his attention elsewhere.

"Let's just get this fuckin' class over with! We all agree its hell. Well guess what?! Bitchin' doesn't solve shit! You Teach!"

Appleberry cowered in fear. Kyle pointed a deadly finger at him.

"Just make this goddamn class go by as quickly as possible. You Slut!"

Sid ducked his head in cover.

"Ever pull that stunt on me again and I'll have your ass! And not the way you'd enjoy it either! You Fucktard!"

And this time he pointed to Rex. The pierced boy managed not to back down but Terrance could see evident fear in his eyes. He and Kyle held each other's gaze for a long moment of silence.

"You Fucktard," his voice quietened but the spite had increased, "You stay away from what's mine."

Rex responded with a challenging look. He knew perfectly well what the Bipolar King meant. Dangerous or not he won't let him take what's rightfully his. Maybe he was afraid of the Bipolar King. But he feared the idea of losing much more.

Everyone backed away to their rightful positions slowly, including Rex who had to suck in his pride a second time. The teacher backed to the front of the classroom while the students to their desks. Terrance was among them. He stopped short when Kyle looked at him.

To his horror, the black student came up to him. Terrance gulped. Kyle still looked pissed. But he spoke softly.

"Hey. Sit by me."

Kyle left, assuming Terrance would follow. The white student just stood there dumbfounded. When Kyle noticed that Terrance had yet to move he glared back at the other. That fiendish glare was more threatening to Terrance then if it were a gun pointed at him instead. Like a good boy, he hastily followed.

Kyle led him to his seat. He motioned Terrance to the seat right in front of his. The other obeyed without question. Terrance bit his lips as he felt eyes boring into the back of his head. The teacher coughed nervously.

"Okie-dokie then...let's all..get out our textbooks and turn to page-"


Kyle's fist made contact with his desk like a gavel pounding in a courtroom. Everyone anxiously turned their attention back onto him. The Bipolar King was seething in rage, muttering to himself.

"Dammit dammit dammit dammit dammit dammit god dammit!"

The teacher was the only one who dared to speak.

"Is...something the matter?"

Mr. Appleberry wanted to shrink into a puddle of goo when sharp, burning eyes glanced his way. Kyle, for no reason in particular, pounded on the desk again.

"I forgot my fuckin' book."

The teacher unconsciously pulled out a handkerchief from his pocket. He wiped his slick forehead.

"Well......I got an idea class!" He said, forcing a grimace. "Let's just forget the textbook today. We'll..."

"No!" Kyle shouted suddenly.

He was looking at Terrance's textbook. His eyes then trailed to the owner of the book. His lips pursed very slightly. No one could notice that it was curled into the faintest of smiles.

"I got a better plan. I'll share with Terrance."

Terrance's heart sank. Kyle kept a firm gaze on him.

"Sit on my lap. And bring your textbook."

The very odd command baffled Terrance to no end. Tim and Benjamin exchanged nervous glances. Sid pouted. Rex glared. Appleberry prayed to God he would come out of this alive.

Terrance hadn't moved quickly enough. In fact he was still sat in his seat motionless. Kyle snarled.

"Did you hear what I said?" the voice had so much vice it prompted Terrance to move immediately.

Ignoring the flushed feeling in his cheeks, he got up and forced himself to plant himself on Kyle's surprisingly strong legs. The black student had no trouble keeping him balanced. He possessively wrapped his arms around Terrance's waist. His head leaned so he could see the book.

The teacher made another nervous cough.

"Well...then....let's get going then. The sooner we get done the better."

"There's no rush, Mr Appleberry," Kyle claimed forgetting his earlier demand, "Take your time in this class."

Terrance now officially regretted giving this crazy man his phone number.

"I bet that asshole thinks he's pretty tough. Well I've got news for him. I'm the one this school should be afraid of. That crazy bastard will pay."

Rex buried his fork into his unidentifiable food. The blue jell-like substance made a squishing sound. It almost sounded like it was screaming in pain. This cheered Rex up slightly. He loved making people suffer. Even if it's blue jello that for some reason or another tasted exactly like lasagna.

One of his partners in crime, a very chubby student with thick arms, spoke up.

"Yeah. And he's got your boy-toy too, man."

Rex responded with a hateful glare in his direction. The boy named George gulped in fear. The pierced teen huffed in annoyance.

"Don't remind me."

Rex glared at the table where the Bipolar King sat. He felt like screaming every time he saw Terry on his lap. What's worse was his bitch hadn't stopped blushing since his fine ass first made contact with the other's legs.

The Bipolar King was poking at his food. Terry had his plate in his hand, scarfing down whatever-the-hell-it-was like he hadn't eaten in days.

Rex raised his eyebrow. Little Terry certainly had an appetite. He wondered how easily the boy bruised.

The Bipolar King, feeling eyes on him, met Rex's gaze. He glared. Rex, though secretly scared shitless, managed to return the hateful glance. An imaginary spark of electricity connected the two eyes. Soon they ignited an imaginary fire in the background. An imaginary man ran, yelling in agony with when the imaginary fire caught on his imaginary back.

Rex's minions gulped in unison. It looked like the beginning of the next world war. One of them named Roger tried to appease his boss.

"Hey man, you'll get him tomorrow. Bipolar King changes everyday. No way in hell will he be this scary tomorrow."

"I'm not scared of him!" Rex directed his glare to Roger.

The man with the sunglasses waved his arms frantically. He attempted a sheepish smile.

"No no no, that's not what I meant boss. I mean he probably won't be such a....pain in the ass tomorrow. Then we'll make him pay."

This was basically what Roger said the first time. Rex was well aware of that. He wasn't a B student for nothing. But he decided instead of making a big deal out of it, he'll let Roger off the hook. His anger needed to be preserved for one guy only today.

Or maybe two guys. Why the hell didn't Terry resist the Bipolar King? Rex recalled, with great displeasure, that the new student had no trouble resisting him. And yet he was perfectly alright with the Bipolar King putting moves on him. Oh that Terry was going to get the punishment of his life. Once Rex gets a hold of him that was.

Rex can imagine his strong hand wrapping around Terry's frail neck. The cut off of oxygen supply would make the boy struggle in vain. And just when he almost passed out, Rex would release him. Terry would take in greedy gulps of air, leaving his mouth open and vulnerable.

Rex would then crashed their lips together. His tongue would force it's way into Terry's moist cavern. He would grabbed his brown hair and painfully pull the other's hair back for better access to his mouth.

He would push the weaker student onto his knees. Rex would pull down his trousers to reveal his erected cock in front of Terry's face. Then-

His fantasies were interrupted by a familiar, very annoying voice.


Rex swore. Sid made his way over to his table. He held his index finger to his lips to appear cute. Like he wasn't cute enough. How many people had he got to bang him anyway?

"What is it you want, whore?" Rex was in no mood for this.

Sid ignored the insult. His eyes glanced at Terry in pity.

"It's just that....I couldn't help but you noticed you didn't like the Bipolar King bullying Terry either."

Rex blinked. Then his confusion turned into a scowl.

"I already know what you're getting at. The answer is no way in hell. Terry's mine. Not the Bipolar King's. And certainly not in hell's yours either."

Sid took a step forward. He didn't seem at all fazed by Rex, or feared him in the slightest. He had had his ass whooped so many times before he was used to it by now.

"I thought if we worked together, we could get the Bipolar King away from Terry?"

This caught the other's attention. Rex tilted his chin.

"Ok. I'm listening."

"Boss, do you really think he can do anything about it?"

Rex glared daggers at the person who dared to question him. The person yelped and recoiled in his seat. Rex gritted his teeth at him.

"For your information this whore managed to kick several people out of town, evicted one powerful person out of office, and got rid of the last principal we had. You know the one with the fetish for dressing boys up in bunny suits and having sex with them? So yeah, I think he can do something about it, dumbass."

Sid smiled and blushed, flattered by Rex's confidence in him. True he did do all those things. Ex-principal Randar had it coming to him. He was ugly and Sid was tired of the man hitting on him.

Rex gave him his full attention. Sid motioned for him to lean his head in. Rex did so and he whispered in his ear.

A gradual evil smile formed on Rex's lips. He nodded his head at whatever Sid was saying. Whatever it was Rex's minions had no idea. But they were just happy that their boss was happy and no longer in a killing mood.

When Sid was finished, Rex pulled away. They looked at each other for a moment. Rex sighed and leaned back with his head in his hands. His tone muscles made Sid mentally lick his lips.

"Ok slut, I see I can't do that without you. So what do you want?"

Sid appeared innocent with his finger scratching his cheek in thought. His eyes directed at Terry modestly.


"Besides that!"

Sid snapped his head back in Rex's direction. He had a hurt look on his face.

"Why not?" he pouted like a child, "After all it's my plan."

The pierced boy shook his head in dismay.

"Honest to God, if you want to have someone to bang you then there's plenty of horny bastards to choose from. But you can't have him. He's mine."

The smaller of the two pouted. This only annoyed Rex. His minions, however, thought it was pretty cute and all had the sudden urge to fuck him.

"Please Rexy? Just one night?"

"I told you never to call me Rexy," the other hissed in rage.

"Please? Please? I love him."

"Oh bullshit!"

"You don't even know the guy, dude," Roger added.

Sid smiled. His eyes closed and his face seemed content in a daydream.

"It's love at first sight."

"Ha! That's what you said about Aaron!"

Sid's claim brought an amused smile to Rex's face. Now it was Sid who was glaring.

"Well you can't do this without me. So either you go by my terms or deal's off. Unless you can find someone else who'd be willing to do it?"

Rex's smile fell. The two student's locked eyes, challenging each other. It was true, Sid might be the only crazy bitch in the world who would have the gumption to do it. Rex's minions wouldn't have the guts even if he threatened him. Rex tried one last attempt to change the other's mind.

"But look at the guy," he nodded his head to Terry, "Does he even look seme material to you? He's just as much of an uke as you are. There's no way in hell you two would satisfy each other."

Sid held his head high in pride.

"I can turn anyone seme."

"Yeah he could," someone agreed.

Rex scowled. As much as he hated to admit it, Sid might be right. But he wanted Terry first dammit. He held up a finger.

"Okay slut. You get one night with him. Only after I bang him first."

Sid jumped in joy. His big, round azure eyes sparkled like gems.


And Terrance thought his first day of school was bad. Kyle had literally dragged him everywhere. Every class they shared he was on the man's lap, gym included. Not even the gym instructor wanted to mess with this version of the Bipolar King.

And what's worse was Terrance was enjoying this attention! God, was he sick? Because he was certainly not gay so that couldn't be the reason.

Yet despite himself he couldn't help but ravished the feeling of Kyle's strong arms holding him tightly. He couldn't help but notice that he enjoyed being close enough to breathe in the other's scent. And even though Kyle yelled at him a lot of the time, he never hurt him physically.

Now day two of school had ended. By now Terrance was trained to follow Kyle down the hallway. The black student was shooting glares at any unfortunate soul who passed by.

Unbeknownst to both Terrance and Kyle, Tim and Benjamin were close behind. They have been keeping close tabs on the two all day. Terrance was in danger and they were risking a lot themselves. If they ever got caught, they might be hospitalized for God knew how long. The memory of what happened to poor Sam Smith was still fresh in their brains.

Kyle turned his angry scowl to Terrance. The other took a step back.

"You'll walk home with me again, right?"

Without even thinking, Terrance nodded the affirmative. Tim and Benjamin were watching from around the corner.

"Dammit, we gotta' do something," Tim said more to himself than his partner.

"We are," Benjamin insisted, "Remember? If anything dangerous happens will call that number."

The taller of the two pounded his fist on the wall in fury.

"But he's already in danger. Some friend I am. I didn't help him with Rex and now I'm just watching the Bipolar King treat him like shit! I can't stand it. I don't care what happens to me. I'm going to give that guy a piece of my mind."

True to his word, Tim stormed his way over to Terrance and Kyle. At least, he would have if Benjamin didn't pull him back. Tim glared down. Benjamin glared up.

"We have to be smart not heroic," Benjamin argued, "If you get into a fight with the Bipolar King you will lose."

The words were spoken with such certainty that it made Tim paused. Benjamin continued.

"I don't want to see you get hurt. Lawrence would be crushed to see you get hurt. And I know, even though he's kind of a prick, Terrance doesn't want to see you get hurt either."

Tim's eyes widened slightly. He stood in silence as he considered this.

Meanwhile, Kyle and Terrance made their way to the door. Terrance sighed in despair. It had been almost two full days without his TAT. He was having withdrawal syndromes. He and Kyle stopped short when a small figure came up to them.

Terrance blinked. It was that Sid kid. Yay rhyming!

The blonde haired cutie gave them an innocent look.

"Good afternoon Kyle. Terry."

Terrance felt the familiar burning on his cheeks. Now Sid was calling him Terry. Kyle snarled.

"Leave us alone."

Much to both students' surprise, Sid didn't do as Kyle ordered. That was the first time that had happened today. The blond smiled.

"Hey Terry," his voice was suddenly flirtatious, "You know I like games. Want to have some fun with me?"

Terrance's eyes nearly bulged out of their skulls. Kyle's pupils dilated into little specks. The anger he had been feeling all day had just multiplied by a thousand. There was no way that slut just made a move on Terrance.

"Get the fuck out."

Kyle didn't know why he was even giving the student a chance to leave. He so wanted to just beat the shit out of him now. His anger raised further to off-the-chart levels when Sid disobeyed once again.

"Come on Terry. I know a fun game. We can pretend you have a popsicle and want to share it with me. So I lick the popsicle while you hold it. The object of the game-"

A cracking sound emitted when Sid's cheek connected with Kyle's flying fist. The impact pushed Sid all the way to the wall where his back painfully collided. Before Terrance could blink Kyle was on him, punching the boy repeatedly.

"I'm sorry! I'm sorry!"

Sid's cries sprung Terrance into action. He ran up to Kyle and tried to pry him off the other.

"Stop Kyle! Leave him alone!"

But Terrance couldn't hold onto him for more than a few seconds. In an instant he was pushed to the ground and Kyle was once against attacking Sid.

It was then Tim decided to run up and grabbed hold of the Bipolar King. He proved more successful than Terrance had at his attempt. Benjamin, still in the corner, got out his cellphone.

"I need the asylum right now!"

Sid was slumped by the wall. Blood trickled down his head as well as his lower lip. His left eye was bruised. And yet, oddly enough, he still looked cute. It was just heartbreaking to see something so cute be in so much pain.

Terrance recovered and assisted Tim. He received the shock of his life when none other than Rex joined in. The three of them managed to keep a firm hold on Kyle while the student thrashed like a shark out of water.


It was becoming harder to keep a hold on him. Sid still sat motionless on the ground bleeding and was thus, still in danger of being attacked. Rex glared at him.

"Run idiot! We can't hold him off forever!"

But they didn't need to. Kyle was suddenly grabbed by a pair of much stronger arms. The two burly men from yesterday's incident had to use their combined strength to keep him held down.

Brightdale appeared with a needle in his hand. He immediately injected it into Kyle's skin. The black student went limp. Everything grew quiet. Terrance no longer cared if he saw a tumbleweed or not.

Brightdale observed the surrounding area. There were shocked witnesses everywhere. There was also that boy who befriended Kyle. His stomach sank when he noticed the student who was beaten up. He motioned for the guards to leave. Then he pulled out his cell phone.

"John? We need your assistance. One of my patients caused severe damage to a young boy."

And Terrance thought the first day of school was bad. Everything happened so fast he could barely register it in his mind. Out of pity, he walked up to Sid. Leaning down, he placed a soft hand on his cheek.

Sid looked up with broken eyes. Yet, there was a trace of appreciation and admiration in them. Terrance bit his lip, thinking of what to say.

"Hey...I'll....I'm sorry....... I'll come visit you?"

He looked at the other for encouragement. Sid managed a painful smile.

"I would like that very much."

Yeah, I know. It got really serious the last part of the chapter. But it will be light and fluffy again soon, I promise. Because as much as I don't like a story to be too ridiculous, I don't like it too serious either.