When the sky began to darken, Elizabeth decided it was time to return home. She had spent the entire day at her friend's house and listened to her prattle on about her damned pet and how much better he was compared to Caindero. It infuriated her! Sure, she hadn't bought Caindero as a sex slave initially, but at least Caindero was healthy. Her little pet was sick, terrified of everything, and flinched at every touch. Why would she want something that had been broken beyond repair? If you looked into that poor Drylon's eyes, you could see all the spirit the thing had, had been taken away. She shook her head in annoyance.

As she walked home, she glanced back at Caindero. He had been broken like others of his race, but he still had the courage to stand up for certain things. That was proven when he said he wouldn't kill the other Drylon when they fought. Any Drylon that had been broken completely wouldn't have questioned it in the slightest because they didn't want to be punished by their masters. It was pitiful. She growled and nearly stamped her foot. Sometimes she could be so childish. She always tried to prove things her own way, and this was just another challenge. She would prove that bitch wrong.

She stormed into her house and closed the door behind Caindero. The creature shivered at her anger and she could see his tail tuck a little. How much did they break him? She reached for him and grabbed his chin and pulled his face up to look into his eyes. Caindero's eyes widened in surprise and he tried to pull away. It was obvious he wasn't comfortable with the situation. He probably thought she was angry at him. Elizabeth had to agree that his eyes were beautiful. Those jade green hues were vivid. The best part of all, they looked wild. She let go of his face with a satisfied nod. Her anger had dulled a little and she offered him a small smile. Now came the hard part; making him a pleasure slave.

Having sex with a Drylon wasn't exactly forbidden by the laws. There were plenty little places that offered them up as whores and there were plenty that bought them or rented them for a night. They were human enough in their physic to not be classified as animals. Elizabeth even heard that a woman had gotten pregnant by one of them. That story never continued. The woman had gotten herself an abortion. It was probably the wisest decision. However, what was out of the question and illegal was love and marriage to one of the Drylons. The punishment for it was death for Drylon and severe consequences for the owner. Sometimes death followed both.

Caindero was handsome enough. His smooth muscular form was ideal and he was strong and flexible. His features were defined and there wasn't much she could fault him on. Really, the only thing physically different between a Drylon and a human was the tail, the wings, and their coloring. It wasn't that bad at all. She reached out again and caressed his face gently. He flinched, but didn't move away. Now she had to take the first step in making him a pleasure slave. This wasn't going to be easy.

"Caindero, come with me," she cooed and headed for her bedroom. When she reached her door, she glanced back to make sure he was following. Once he was in the room, she closed the door and lit a match up to light the candles around the room. She hoped he didn't struggle too much. She wasn't doing this to hurt him after all. Besides, he was her slave. She had bought him. Why should she have doubts now?

Caindero followed his master hesitantly to her room. He didn't know what she was up to and he was sure he didn't want any part of it. Once in her room he looked around. The room was actually pretty plain. She had scented candles around the room on shelves and she had a few nature paintings around her necessities, but nothing extra. At his last master's home, she had the most extravagant and wasteful things in her room. Caindero looked back to Elizabeth and watched her sit on the bed.

"Caindero, come sit with me," she cooed. Fear ripped through him. What did she want with him? His tail tucked a little and he slinked to her side and sat down next to her. "Good boy," she cooed and lifted a hand to caress his face. He winced, expecting a slap. When no pain came, he relaxed into the gentle touch and gave a low humming as if he were purring. Elizabeth smiled a little and leaned towards his face and kissed his lips. Every single muscle in Caindero's body tensed at the touch. It was almost like an electric charge and been shot through him. He was paralyzed to the spot. Elizabeth pulled away from the kiss only to press those lips against his throat and trail them down to his shoulder. He shivered at the contact and shuffled away from her and fell off the side of the bed. He inched back and away from her confused and a little more than scared. He could be killed for this!

Elizabeth sighed and rubbed her forehead. This was going to be harder than she thought. She almost felt bad for him. What was she thinking? Caindero was a slave. She shouldn't feel bad for him. He was something to be used! She glanced over at the shifting Drylon and her heart softened a little. He kept reminding her of a puppy. Those eyes were so human but they held a hint of what he really was. He was a beast. He didn't understand the things humans did. His brain was nothing more than an animal's mind driven by instinct. He only knew what fear, hunger, thirst, safety, and need meant. He couldn't understand anything else. She had a right to tame him and make him do what she needed. Yet, there was something about him and those eyes that screamed humanity.

She groaned and looked away. She had to do this. She had set this challenge to herself and presented it to her friend. Now she had to live with it. She wouldn't hurt him. She would be gentle to him. "Caindero, it will be okay. Don't worry," she cooed. "Come to me. You'll be okay. I need you to do this." Caindero didn't budge. He just watched her wary. "Do you want me to put you back in the room?" The pain and fear in his eyes at those words made her want to run. How could she say that to him when she had seen the way he had acted about it? He had curled around her leg with so much terror and despair when she let him out.

She looked away from him, a little ashamed. She had promised she wouldn't put him back there. She knew she wouldn't, but Caindero didn't. As testament to that, the poor beast crawled over to her side and laid his head against her knee. She caressed his face again and ran a hand through his hair. "I am sorry sweetie," she whispered. "I won't put you in the room. I just really need to do this. I'll do something for you if you do this for me." Caindero looked up at her and debated. He actually debated! It looked like he was calculating the odds and options. She hadn't expected that. She only thought they could take commands.

Caindero sat up on the bed and watched her. He locked her gaze with his own and didn't break that contact. It was another testament of his spirit. Any other Drylon would have looked away. He leaned closer to her and rested her head against hers. Elizabeth tried to kiss him but he pulled back. Then he pressed his head against hers again and didn't blink. "I'll do asss you wisssh. If you promissse me sssomething," he said then.

"er… sure. What is it?" she asked a little baffled. What would he want?

"Promissse me They won't kill me and you'll find a way to let me go home. That'sss my deal. I'll do anything and everything you want of me if you do that for me."

"…" Let him go back home? He missed being in the wild. It pained her a little. Setting him free was one thing, keeping him free was another. How was she supposed to make the dealers and the government keep their hands off of him? She had the mind to decline his deal just at the impossibility of it. Then again, they had time. Over the years, things could change. "I… promise…" she said at last. Finally, Caindero broke the eye contact with a blink. He looked down and picked up her hand and placed it on his heart. He did the same to her.

"Do you ssswear?"

"Yes." Caindero gave a nod and closed his eyes. Mentally he drew the image of a crescent moon encasing the sun on her chest and his own. The skin under their hands began to burn and Elizabeth tried to pull away but he kept her hand firm. Seconds later Caindero released her and the image he had envisioned was burned over their hearts. Right before her eyes, Elizabeth watched the mark vanish into the skin.

"You ssswore and I bound you to your oath. Now you can't go back on your word. If I die, you die. If you don't finissssh your ssside of the deal, the mark will burn forever. The sssame goessss for me," he explained. Elizabeth gave a slow nod and swallowed. Her throat had gone dry.

"Umm… yeah. And who… who didn't you want to kill you? That was part of your deal."

"The dealersss. The law enforcccersss. They kill Drylonsss who are intimate with their massstersss."

"That is only if the two are in love. You don't have to worry Caindero," she soothed. She swallowed again. What had she gotten herself into this time? She should have stayed with a normal pet. This was getting out of hand for her.

Caindero gave her a nod and leaned forward to press his lips against hers. "Now I ssstart my deal." Elizabeth gave a shaky smile and returned the kiss. She wrapped her arms around his neck and rubbed his back slowly. Caindero hadn't done anything like this before, but he knew what he was supposed to do. He pulled off her clothes easily enough. He didn't have any to worry about thankfully, and he pressed himself against her. He wasn't going to go for any teasing. The way he was taught, sex was procreation. That was all. It was pleasurable yes, but he didn't know anything about teasing. He spread his master's legs and was quick to slide into her. She tensed and repressed a cry but he didn't receive any protest. She continued to caress his muscles until she brought her hands up between his wings. He shivered at the touch. It was a pleasing and sensitive area for a Drylon. A good hit between those fragile limbs could render them paralyzed for a good few minutes or drop them out of the sky. If one yanked their wings free of their spine, they would be paralyzed for good.

Then she moved her touch to the actual wings and traced the bone frame and leathery membrane. Caindero gave that purring sound again and he extended his wings a little and flapped them once. It was that spot that made a Drylon go, 'oh yeah' like a dog's belly or a cat's ear scratch. Elizabeth traced his spine slowly and Caindero's wings flapped again and he moaned. He kissed her lips a little more feverishly and their little love making started to turn a little more than an order. They wrapped each other in an embrace and they rolled with each other.

When it was over, Caindero pulled away and curled up beside her. They didn't say a word to each other. Caindero was perfectly fine without a conversation. Elizabeth felt awkward beside him and kept silent just to figure out what to do from here. There was quite a bit on her plate. She was sworn to him. She had never been sworn to anyone. This one was a life and death deal. Hopefully it would turn out well. She sighed and curled up onto her side and starred out of the window. A leathery wing extended over her and she glanced back at Caindero. He watched her a moment before he closed his eyes. Elizabeth was puzzled by the action but she didn't question it. It was warm under his wing and she didn't much mind it.


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