Musical Instruments

Verses are the everyday life, with rhythm guitar as the underlying emotions of the verse, noticeable background noise, subtle reminders, alongside the keyboard which brings life to the verse and accompanies it.

Lead guitar plucks out the ups and downs of the relationship, next to the keyboard but set slightly apart, forming a tune that matches vocals, which tell the stories of the years, woven into the melody while noticeably different.

Drums are constant reminders of the relationship, pieces of jewellery or photographs, impossible to ignore while still a part of the background.

The chorus brings out the lead playing the melody, always exploding and making an impact before calming down and fading back into the verse.

The bassline is the underlying reason the relationship is glued together, never noticed until it drops out or the amp gets distorted. It gives the song its finished touch, even though it can't always be heard.

Stick it in a studio and produce a song.

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