".... Canada...." My jaw was slack, staying open long enough for me to gag on my own spit.

"This is a big opportunity for you two." Folding his paper, my father placed it on the coffee table.

"You both should be very grateful to your father for setting this up." Commented our mother, she brushed back a piece of her overly groomed striking blond hair that was held back with multiple bobby pins.

My mother grimaced in our direction, we still sat starring at our parents. Destery snapped, starting to laugh hysterically as I sat watching him.

"This is no joke." Scolded our mother, using her harsh tone on us. Not like we weren't use to it though. Destery stopped laughing, setting his mouth in a straight line.

"You two will be attending a prodigious boarding school in Northern Canada. Be ready for seven in the morning, tomorrow." My father dismissed us, leaving the living room with my mother following like the good little bitch she was.

Exiting the room as well, both my brother and I walked up the stairs of our rather large house. In silence we walked into our separate rooms.


Packing slowly, I was still trying to clear my mind of what was to come. Boarding School... seriously, I live in Texas. It was pretty obvious that our parents wanted to get rid of us, but sending us to another country was a little much.

A knock came from my door.

"Ky... can I come in?" Asked my brother from outside the door.

"Sure." I replied monotoned.

Destery came in, shutting the door behind him as he came up behind me. Turning around I wrapped my arms around my twin, he returned the hug full force as we both stood there clutching each other.

We stayed silent throughout the hug... I combed my fingers through Destery's black hair calming his nerves.

Finally letting go, we sat along side each other on my bed, Destery kept his head down while he squeezed my hand.

".... I don't want to leave...." I squeezed my hand back... feeling a sting in the back of my eyes, I held my eyes shut, forcing the tears to go away.

".... Me either." I sobbed, as Destery hugged me from the side.

Never once did Destery say to stay calm, or that is was all going to be alright. Or to even stop crying. All he did was hold me close, rocking me back and forth in a slight rhythm until we both fell asleep.


Arriving at the air port lobby, we left to go find the line up for the plane to Canada. Flight #33, was suppose to arrive at 7:30, and leave at 8:00. Finding the right line up, we set our bags which were filled to the brim with our clothes, on a trolley for the line up.

Our parents gave us each extra spending money on our credit cards, a total wasn't found cause they said they were going to keep adding more cash to them.

"Kyra and Destery Donald." Said a woman dressed in the air ports uniform.

We both stood, them woman asked us to follow as we were led onto the plane first.

"So are you both excited to be going to Canada?" Asked the woman.

Both Destery and I stayed silent as we were led to our seat's.

"Um, okay then. Have a good flight you two." The flight attendant said, leaving through one of the curtains up front.

"I'm actually a bit excited." Destery looked over to me in wonder, raising his eye brows in shock.

"Think about it, we get to start over, and not only that...." I sighed, smiling as I watched as a group of kids from a school were boarding another plane.

Texas was my home, my sanctuary, my friends were my family. Without them I wouldn't of known how to deal with all the things I've gone through, it's the same for Destery. We also have each other as back up, we're pretty close together for a brother and sister. I guess it just pays off to be a twin.

"Well we are getting away from everything... no parents, no rules, no bitching. I actually like the sound of it." Destery rested his hands behind his head, stretching out. I nodded in agreement.

Maybe this wouldn't be so bad, I did have my brother with me after all.... At least we weren't separated from each other.

A beep signaled the PA. system turning on, it echoed throughout the loading halls and into the plane. "Passenger's for Flight #33, please board through the West line, I repeat, passenger's for Flight #33, please board through the West line."

And we were off.