"For Danielle"

I hope you know that I will always love
my little girl who I hold dear to me
who's been my best friend through all the years

I hope he holds you tight and loves you so
he will take care of you, I know this so
for I know that his love for you is strong

I hope he tells you that you're beautiful
and that you are the reason that he's there
on the days that you feel worst of all

I hope you tell good stories to your kids
about the laughs from times that we two shared
and that I will be watching over them.

I hope you always choose to live and laugh
to run through fields of flowers filled
to play along the ocean's tail

I hope you keep me in your memory
remember all the fun in times we shared
living life right in this moment now.

I'm sorry I'm not there to see it all
I know that these aren't easy words to hear
Just know that your mom always will love you.

Danielle, I suppose that I should say goodbye
Never harder words have I to speak
Then farewell to my sweet angel Danielle.