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That One Night

"Hey Washington, over here."

That was the only distinct thing she had heard in the noisy bar. It was the usual Saturday in the bar she usually went to with her friends. It was crowded, it was extremely noisy and it was filled with sexual intensity. Singles were trying to hook up with other singles – at least people pretending to be singles - and couples were making out with their significant others. Alcohol was being drained by almost everyone. It was like a jungle out in the bar as the waitresses were bringing people their drinks, as new coming customers were trying to find empty seats, and as single women like her were trying to get the attention of single men – she was single, but she was not seeking attention.

She was sitting at the counter next to her two friends and both of them were busy with chatting and with flirting from afar. Taking her drink in her hand, she turned around on her stool to watch around. A couple of guys were standing by a column filled with photographs, checking out her friends next to her. And her friends were looking back at the guys, sending out their flirty smiles. She rolled her eyes after seeing that particular scene going between her friends and those guys.

It was all in that mayhem that she heard and saw a huge guy waving his hands and shouting out for another person whom she thought was probably a friend of his. She looked to her left to see a guy smiling, walking to the direction the huge guy who shouted.

As the guy walked passed her, the huge guy who shouted looked at her, and rather started sending out a smile to her way that reminded her of those she had seen on her friends' faces only a few moments ago. She lifted an eyebrow as she looked at the guy's direction and was about to swivel and turn back the counter when she saw the guy walking looking at her. He had probably seen the way his acquaintance had looked at her, and now he was looking at her curiously. She met his eyes as a girl passed by him. She smiled despite herself and turned back to the counter to order up another drink, but she still could feel the guy's eyes on her.

He was the tall, dark and great-looking type, and she was curious to know why he seemed interested in her plain looks. He probably was looking at her because she looked almost like a clown after her friends had tried to do a make-over for her by exaggerating her make-up and hair style. Her simple brown hair was in a bun and her eyes were widened by the smoky make-up and the mascara on her lashes.

He looked at her for a long moment, then smiled and went next to his friends. She sighed involuntarily, and turned back and ordered another drink. She saw the guys her friends had been flirting with finally making a move and ordering them a round of drinks.

"Lilah, how much will you hate us if we ditched you?" asked Sarah as she looked at her with her puppy eyes. "These guys are really cute, and you know how Pat has been last week. Put your tab on mine, I'll pay for it I swear."

"You'd better pay it." she said, then added. "It's fine, you can go." Lilah let them go even though she rather felt terrible inside. After all, the reason why she was so eager to go out that night was that Pat was miserable after her boyfriend of three years had left her, and she wanted to cheer up her oldest friend.

"Thanks, you're a goddess." she said and kissed her cheek. After waving Lilah goodbye, the two left the bar with the guys they had just left, and left Lilah by herself.

"Hi there." a voice said to her. "Are you lonesome tonight?"

"Are you asking a question, or just quoting the song?" she asked back as she turned towards the direction of the voice. She was surprised to see that the voice belonged to the tall, dark guy.

"Both, I guess." he said with a bit of amusement in his voice. "I saw your friends leaving you alone, so I thought I'd asked you to join me and my friends."

"I'm fine here, thanks for the invitation though." she said and took a sip from her drink.

"You aren't drinking a cocktail." he said even though she was expecting to leave her alone after declining his offer.

"No, I'm a hard-core Jack Daniels girl." she answered.

"I guess I was right then." he said as he sat down at the empty stool next to hers.

"About what?"

"About you not being an ordinary girl." he said. His voice was deep and he sounded very confident.

"What makes you say so?" she asked curiously.

"Well, my friend was checking you out. If you were an ordinary girl, you'd go over and flirt with him, or I don't know, smile at him or something. He looks like a douche-bag I know, but he has this charm about him that makes him irresistible to ordinary girls and it works every time with ordinary girls. You resisted his charm."

"No offence but your friend looks more like an asshole, and I have no business whatsoever with guys like him." she said.

"Can I get a scotch?" he asked to the bartender, then turned back to her. "You're completely right about that, and no, I'm not offended. I have terrible taste in choosing my friends." The bartender placed his order before him and he lifted his glass up towards his friends' table. "I'm Smith Washington by the way."

"Lilah." she said with a smile. "Are you related to that famous Washington of ours?"

"No, I don't think so." he said.

She smiled and nodded, but refused to look at him. "So Washington, aren't you going back to your friends' table?" she asked.

"Do you want me to?" he asked with a serious tone. His friends were looking over at them ever since he first approached to her.

"I don't know Washington." she replied, looking at him. He looked right into her eyes, and she rather found it hard to come up with a serious, coherent sentence. "You asked me to join you and your friends, and I said no, and you're still here. I don't what I want or what you want."

"Well, I want to stay with you here rather than being with them over there, so I think that should make you want me next to you."

"You can stay, it's a free country after all." she said, using a cheesy line she hated. "Why don't you want to stay with your friends anyways and want to spend it with a complete stranger?"

"Because I don't want to spend a night talking about who I'd tap and who I wouldn't tap in this bar with them. They have terrible taste and manners." he replied. "And you are a stranger I find very interesting."

"Thanks Washington." she said and lifted her glass up to clink with his. "We can play that game together, if you like? The 'I'd tap that' game."

"You want to play 'I'd tap that' with me?" he asked and she nodded. "I don't think that's even a game."

"We can pretend it's a game." she said. "Be a little imaginative Washington."

"Alright then, I'll go first." he said and turned around on his stool. She followed suit and turned as well. "I'd maybe tap that." he said, motioning to a girl passing them by.

"I wouldn't tap that." she said, nodding towards guy by the pool table. "I wouldn't tap any of them."

"I'd so tap that." he leaned closer and whispered into her ear.

"Tap who?" she asked as he hadn't mentioned anyone. He looked at her, met her eyes, then with his eyes, he motioned his finger pointing at her. "Washington, you suck at this game." she started laughing. "You kind of need to be discreet about the person you'd tap."

"Well, I just wanted to be over with the game." he said. "Can I get you another drink?"

"Let me buy you a drink, my friend is covering my tab." she offered. He nodded, and ordered a round of drinks for the both of them.

"Are you local?" he asked.

"Depends on your definition of local." she said. "I'm from the city, but not from the neighborhood."

"I see. Well, I just live down the street. I used to bartend here." he said.

"Nice neighborhood."

"It is." he said. He reached out and touched her hand. Upon feeling his touch on her skin, she felt some sort of an electric current going in waves all over her body, yet she discarded the feeling. He then, holding her hand, started caressing her face. Normally, she wouldn't let a guy she had only met minutes ago, do such a thing but there was something about Washington. He was great looking, she had seen the jealous looks of other girls at the bar when he touched her. He seemed interesting, funny, and genuinely bold - she wasn't expecting him to say that he'd tap her. And she liked him.

There was a part of her that just wanted to go to his place and do unimaginable things with him. That was a part of hers that rarely made an appearance. There was another part of her that just wanted him to leave so that she could have another drink by herself and then head back home.

"I'd tap that." she said nodding towards him. Evidently, the rare part of hers was dominant tonight due to the endless amount of Jack Daniel's she had consumed.

"I thought we were done playing." he said.

"Who said I'm playing?" she answered rather seductively. "I finished playing the moment you said you're living down the street."

"I knew you weren't an ordinary girl." he said with a smirk.

"What makes you say that?"

"If you were an ordinary girl, you wouldn't leave the bar with the mysterious guy living down the street."

"I guess you're right." she said and got up on her feet. She held out her hand to hold his, and on cue, he held her hand and stood next to her. "I'm not an ordinary girl." she said. She was tall, taller than he had expected, yet he still stood taller than her.

Hand in hand, they made their way out of the bar, not caring about the looks his friends threw at their way. She was amazed at how her hand fit perfectly into his. Neither of them said a word until they reached to a black door that belonged to his building. He fished into his pocked to take his key out, and she reached out and started touching his back. When he finally managed to open the door and they entered inside, he pulled her towards him and kissed her.

The kiss was tentative at first, since both of them were trying to get the permission of the other, but she took initiative and pushed him gently to the wall opposite. All of a sudden, the kiss was filled with passion and intensity. He pulled for a second and kissed her jaw, and then taking her hand again in his, he led her down the corridor. She followed him as they climbed the stairs and reached the second floor and stopped before a blue door.

"This is mine." he said.

"Well, open the door." she said out-of-breath. The moment the door was opened, she found herself against it, with his lips right on top of her lips. Yet despite the primitiveness of the action initially, somehow the kiss molded into something softer and delicate. His hands were in her hair, caressing, massaging her scalp softly whereas she was running her fingertips up and down his back. There was both passion and intimacy in that kiss. They took a few steps inside together, and suddenly she found herself scooped up, in his arms.

"What are you doing?" she asked, curious about his action. She was expecting his action to be raw, but he was being the gentlest possible.

"Taking you to bed." he said softly and placed a peck on her lips.

The short way to his room came to an end as he gently deposited her on the bed, and then climbed right on top of her. She felt her breath being taken away as he kissed her and played with her hair. She played with the hem of his shirt under his jacket right before he tossed his jacket away. She lifted his shirt a little bit and touched his skin – it was soft and warm under her touch.

He kissed her jaw and prompted her to take off her cardigan. The position she was on the bed was rather uncomfortable at first, but after she took off her cardigan, she lay down and settled herself on the pillow. He crawled and was right on top of her. He looked at her admiringly as he caressed her cheek, and she surely was not expecting such a look from him. All of the lust that first motivated her to go to his apartment was gone, and all she could feel was affection – it was something she surely was not anticipating. She was expecting rawness and primitiveness and doing things like animals did on documentaries. Yet here they were in his room, on his bed and were kissing softly, like they had been in love for years.

He kissed her cheek, then her lips, then her eyelids as she closed them, and then her neck. Pinned against the bed under him, she couldn't move as freely as she wanted, but as he moved down and rather straddled her hips, she leaned up towards him to kiss him, but when she couldn't reach his face, he met her midway and kissed her. As their lips parted the other, she pulled the hem of his shirt, and he helped her take off his shirt. She took her legs from under his weight, and sat down on the bed opposite to him.

"Want me to turn off the lights?" he asked in a whisper as she started kissing his jaw line. His stubbles were tickling her.

"No." she replied, she liked being in the dimmed light of the room. He started playing with the buttons of her shirt, and starting from the bottom one, he undid them. Soon, she was before him in her lacy black bra. She pulled out the clip that was holding her hair and let her hair fall down over her shoulders in locks. He smiled at the sight, and pulled her for another kiss, then lay down her again on the mattress.

She didn't give much thought to her actions. She wasn't a girl who would sleep with guys she had only met an hour ago, she didn't do one night stands, she wasn't one who liked having the lights on during sex. She wouldn't even let a guy kiss her unless she knew him longer than a month. She wasn't a fan of calling people by their last names. With Washington however, she just wanted to say his last name out loud all the time and wanted him to kiss her and touch her. She didn't even care about the fact that she had first met him only an hour ago.

He was on top of her, kissing him, and caressing her breasts with his palms through the thin lace of the bra. She moaned against his mouth, and felt him smile against her lips. Using her fingertips, she was drawing circles on his back with one hand, and with her other hand, she was playing with his incredibly soft hair. She took his smell in – it was intoxicating with its musk and manliness. He teased a nipple with his thumb, and she bit his upper lip lightly in response.

Her hands started wandering downwards, and were soon on the buttons of his jeans. One by one she undid them as he continued massaging her breasts with his hands. To help her, he took off the jeans and discarded them to the floor. He was only left in his green boxers.

"You are still wearing too many clothes." he whispered as he leaned down to her stomach and planted kisses, and darted his tongue into her bellybutton. She took a sharp breath and closed her eyes, using her hands to keep his head down there. The feelings she had were intense, and she started having the familiar electric current as he undid the zipper of her jeans and started peeling it off as she moved her hips. She took off her socks as well by moving her feet, and was only left with her underwear.

He was on the edge of bed, looking at her. Like a predator moving towards his elected victim, he started crawling towards her slowly, running his hands through her legs, sending shivers all through her body, along the way. He stopped when he reached to her thighs and established eye-contact with her. She was breathing heavily, and was trying to hide her moans. He tilted his head and without taking his eyes off hers, he started placing small kisses firstly on her thigh, then as she opened her legs, to her inner thigh. She couldn't help but let out a moan as he blew on the area, and touched the waistband of her panties. He smiled to himself as he listened to the noises she was producing.

Her nerves were a wreck and her emotions were mixed. She had one hand on her breast, and the other was on his hair. She then reached out to hold his hand to bring him towards her so that she could kiss him. She could feel his hardness as he moved towards her face and lay on top of hers. They looked into one another eyes deeply before they kissed.

"Do you have a condom?" she asked in between kisses.

"Yeah." he replied as he caught his breath and reached to the drawer of the nightstand. "Lilah, are you sure about this?" he asked looking right into her eyes before he pulled out several condoms from the drawer.

"Yes, Washington." she replied with a kiss, and that was all they needed.

The pillow she was on felt harder than it should have. And the mattress seemed somehow different. She opened her eyes slowly and realized that she wasn't on a pillow after all. Her head was against the spot where his shoulder met his arm, and her hands were on his chest. He was drawing lazy circles on her naked skin. She lifted her eyes to look at him, and found out that he was already awake and was looking back at her.

"Good morning." he said softly with a smile.

"You're still here." was the first thing she said with her groggy voice.

"Where else would I be?" he asked.

"I was expecting that you'd be gone." she said as she lifted her head from him and placed it on the pillow.

"I'm here Lilah. And it wouldn't be very hospitable of me if I wasn't in my own house when you are here."

She pulled the covers tightly as she moved away from the warmth of his body. "Well Washington, I'm not questioning your hospitability. I was just expecting that you'd be gone when I wake up, since that's what usually happens with one-night stands, right?"

He got into a sitting position and looked at her. "I don't think this is a one-night stand, do you?" he asked.

She knew he was right. Though it had initially started as a usual one-night stand, it had suddenly evolved into something much more special. They had met each other only hours before, and basically knew nothing about one another, but the night they had spent together was one of passion and intimacy, and not lust. She didn't remember having such great sex before – and it had been more like making love for her than sex. Washington was gentle, attentive, slow, teasing, careful and wonderful. They had moved in unison and took their time. It wasn't urgent or mechanic – it was just like something two people in love make to put their love into action. The strange thing was that they weren't in love, yet Lilah could swear that she had the best sex of her life because they both anticipated one another's actions and moved in harmony. Goosebumps appeared on her body as she thought about the pleasure she had experienced.

"I don't know." she replied. Even though she had the best sleep of her entire life, she was feeling sore all over. She wanted to take a shower, but she thought that she had to first take his permission to use his facilities.

"Maybe I can convince you." he said, leaning towards her. He placed a kiss on her cheek and run his hand up and down her arm, then headed to her lips. She closed her eyes and responded immediately. "Are you doing anything today?" he asked, she shook his head. "Then spend your day with me Lilah, it's Sunday after all."

"Okay." she responded as she opened her eyes and looked at him. The sight of with his bed hair brought a smile to her face. "I can do that Washington."

"You haven't called me by my first name, not even for once. And I don't even know your last name."

She laughed. "Well, you actually know my last name pretty well." she said. "It's the same as your first name."

"So you're Lilah Smith, eh?" he asked and she nodded. "Go out with me." he told her in a soft voice as he nuzzled her neck.

"I don't even know you." she replied. It was the truth. She did know every part of his body, but she didn't know anything about him except from his name, his address and his choice of drink. "I'd like to know more about you." she said as she turned over and moved closer to him. She started running her hands down his hair, she couldn't get enough of his hair. "I don't know how old you are, I don't know what you do for a living."

"I don't know those about you either. How old are you?"

"26." she replied shortly.

"I'm 28. What's your job?" he asked as he wrapped an arm around her waist.

"I'm a hooker." she said and watched as his expecting expression turned into one mortified. She started laughing. "You should see the look on your face." she said. "I don't have the human skills to be a hooker. I'm a game designer specializing in first-person shooter video games." she replied.

"Seriously?" he asked, and she nodded looking into his eyes. "Oh my god, marry me." he said and she laughed once again. "You're like the woman of my dreams. Wow."

"The woman of your dreams is a geek?"

"No, she is a geek goddess." he answered. "You're a geek goddess."

She blushed. "What's your job?"

"I'm an archeologist." he answered.

"Like Indiana Jones?" she asked immediately.

"I wish." he replied with a smile. "I don't go treasure hunting like he does. I dig old things."

"I hope you mean that literally and not in the sense that you like old women."

"I mean it literally." he said. "It's a boring thing actually, but I quite like what I do. I'm quite interested in the old civilizations and all."

"You don't look the type, but then again, as I mentioned several times last night, you're quite extraordinary." she said. "There's something about you that I can't simply put my finger on. I'm not one that, you know, sleeps with guys she only met, but with you it is different."

"Tell me about it. The moment I saw my friend checking you out, I couldn't take my eyes off you. You look incredible despite the rather extravagant make-up you had on."

"Oh shit, am I still wearing the make-up?" she asked and he shook his head. "My friends wanted to play make-over with me."

"You look incredible." he said and she leaned over and kissed his cheek softly. "I'm going to be a great boyfriend, I promise."

"Okay." she said.

"And you'll be my girlfriend. Lilah." he said her name out loud. "I love the way your name rolls on my tongue."

"I love the things you do with your tongue." Lilah replied bluntly and this time it was his turn to blush. "I'm gonna take a shower, is that okay?"

"Can I join?" he asked impatiently.

"Well, this –" she paused and lifted the cover to show her naked body "will be the last time you'll see me naked until our third date."

"Why do I need to wait that long?" he asked, shrugging as she picked up his t-shirt discarded on the floor.

"According to dating 101, the third date ends with sex. Sucks to be you Smith." she replied after she put on the shirt.

"Are you referring to yourself, or me?" he asked.

"Both I guess." she replied. "No sex until the third day, understood?"

"Oh, okay." he replied. They couldn't wait until the third date.

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