My favourite statue,

is of a stout marble girl,

laughing blissfully in a sundress,

in the park near my house.

She is happiness personified,

into a cold hard piece of art,

with an immortal grin on her face,

the girl's eyes are closed,

and laugh lines gather,

above her round cheeks

in pure joy.

Every day I see her on my walk home,

I admire the pure joy she radiates,

and I wish someday I could be so radiant,

to carry that genuine laughter,

and to show the world complete happiness,

on my own face.

The children who play in the park,

don't like her,

they say she's too round around the waist,

her calves are tree trunks,

her face is fat,

and her nose looks funny,

and they don't see the beauty in her smile

or the gleam of happiness,

that I see on her face,

they call her Pig.

Every day I walk past I hear them chant,

"First one to Pig wins!"

They joke and laugh,

"You're going to look like that when you grow up!"

and every day she smiles her beautiful smile,

still laughing at a moment that expired years ago,

while they throw poison words against her marble surface.

On a day when a storm rumbled in,

and the park was empty and gray,

I walked by her as the rain began to fall,

and big drops fell on her,

dancing against her hard surface,

and rolling down her cheeks,

that seemed to no longer exude happiness.

I realized something for the first time,

when I saw her there in the rain,

that she didn't look happy,

standing alone and cold in the dark,

with rain bouncing off of her ceramic exterior,

like the echo's of children's voices,

of their insults,

attacking and rolling down her body.

No one would know that words could hurt a statue,

because they continue to smile,

and unless someone were to look at a one very closely,

when no one else is around,

when skies are dark and angry,

they wouldn't know that,

laughing statues,

cry in the rain.

A/N: Two things: One. This is all a metaphor. Two. Whenever I try to save this the stanzas never stay separated so I had to put in lines =[ could someone please help me figure out how to fix this problem?