Made: Sunday, June 13, 2010

Time: 8:04


The world seems so big and empty
When you're out late at night
Wandering through the ghost town
You call home, without any light

Your only friend walks with you
But he doesn't say a word
Hardly visible and always behind you
Speaking to him seems absurd

Speaking out loud and out of turn
Ranting on the world of today
But today has turned back to yesterday
And tomorrow seems so far away

Your memories have escaped for now
But you're just fine with that
Because you've come to a fork in the road
And you'll be lost with either path

So close your eyes and take a chance
Death is waiting at the end
You're confused by the twists and turns
But he's just around the bend

And when you finally meet with him
He greets you with a smile
He turns you around and shakes his skull
And says, "It'll still be a while."

Yet you find you miss him too much
He was your only friend
So of loneliness in the choking dark
You smile and meet Death again.