My neighbor does not like to play,
She just sits inside and reads all day!
It seems quite boring to me,
For what fun in a book can there be?

She always wears a long blue dress,
High heels that are not meant to impress,
Her eyes are black, narrow, and cold
With a nose that's brimmed by glasses of gold.

When she comes walking home from work each day,
I try to talk, "Hello!" I say,
But she merely just turns and waves,
As she enters her book filled cave.

When darkness falls, after I've kissed my mother goodnight,
I peep out my window to see a small bright light.
Her frail silhouette is still hunched over a book,
She's always there, every time I've looked.

I think it's awfully sad you see,
But a bookworm is what she's chosen to be.
Though I really wish she'd come out and play,
Because I'd love to meet her someday.

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