This was originally a fanfic for the Clique, but seeing as it does not relate, at all, to the original Clique plot, I decided to make it story. Hope you like it!


Valentine Academy was a boarding school close to New York City that was built for the offspring of the rich, high-classed socialites. Occasionally, there were some people who were very smart and happened to earn a scholarship to this elite school. Though, most of them never seemed to fit in with the rest of the teens at Valentine Academy. Here, there was no such thing as the "baddest bitch" like there was in those petty middle school games, because here was where the real drama started.


October 17

Chase Matthews had tried time and time again to convince himself that it was all her fault for making him feel this way. Only, he couldn't force himself to blame her. He just couldn't. Was it because he still loved her? Probably. Whatever the reason, he knew he had to see this through.

He quickly clicked 'new message' because he didn't want to change his mind.

Not again.

To: aharper13 (Alice Harper)

From: cmatthews13 (Chase Mathews)


To love is to destroy. You taught me that. I thought that you were wrong at the time, but it turns out that you were right. I loved you. You used me. Don't blame yourself for this. You don't know how much I wanted to blame you, but I just couldn't find it in my heart to do so. I can't think of another way to fix this. I can't stand it anymore. The pain inside me is just too great. My heart yearns for your presence, but my brain is telling me that you won't come. I'm not one to lie to myself, so I won't tell myself that you love me. My heart seems to be destroying me from the inside out. You're the only one that can save me, but I know that you won't try. I was never more than a pawn in the game you created to try to gain more popularity. I don't see why it mattered, Harper. All I ever wanted was to love you. Scarlet was only a means to get your attention. I just wanted you to love me too. I hope that after reading this, you'll know how wrong you were. My heart belongs to you, and only you, forever and always. Goodbye, Alice.




Derrick forced his fingers to click the 'send' button. This was a decision that he had to stick to. This was a choice that he spent sleepless nights thinking about. He knew what he had to do. He knew that this would be better for everyone else.

Without another thought, he clicked 'new message' and started to write.


To: fwatts13 (Fynn Watts)

From: cmatthews13 (Chase Matthews)

Fynn Watts,

You're one of two people who will know why I did this to myself. The other being someone who has caused me great heartache. Don't blame her, though. It was I who chose to love her. It was I who chose to never let her go. It's my own fault that I let her use me. I just wanted her to love me. You're one of my best friends and I couldn't just leave without saying goodbye to you. Don't try to stop me, because she's the only one who can save me, but I know she won't come. I'm sorry about this. I know that you'll hurt and hate her for not trying to stop me, but don't blame her or yourself. I know that you love her. I know that you always have. I know that you only chose Charlotte because you knew that I wanted her. You're too kind, Fynn. You shouldn't have let yourself do this. You shouldn't have let me fall in love with the girl that you've been in love with all this time. You shouldn't have thrown away your love for her the way you did. Don't try to hide it. Others may not have seen it, but I know you so much better than them. Stop trying to convince yourself that you don't have feelings for her anymore. Stop telling yourself that she loves me. Stop lying to yourself. I'll miss you, Fynn.




Chase pressed 'send' as quick as he could and logged off his school e-mail account.

It was time.


Later That Night

Alice Harper sat alone on her bed in her dorm that she shared with one of the scholarship kids, and her best friend, Adrianne Gregory. Alice was on iChat with a few of her other friends who were in the dorms on the other side of campus when a 'new email' notification popped up on her screen. She clicked 'open' expecting it to be an e-mail from one of her teachers about her missing assignments or one of her partners for a school project.

Too bad it wasn't.


Fynn Watts was currently playing Call of Duty with Josh O'Brien, one of his best friends' after Chase Matthews. Victor Merope and Zach Bradley, his two other best friends, were sitting behind him eating pepperoni pizza.

"You sure you guys don't want a piece?" Victor asked, holding up the last slice of Pizza.

Josh crinkled his nose in disgust.

"I'm definitely sure," he replied.

Fynn laughed.

"You're loss!" Victor told them as he shoved the last slice into his mouth. He turned towards Fynn's Macbook Pro and saw the new e-mil notification and saw a his chance to take Fynn's turn at playing Call of Duty since they only had two controllers. "Fynn!"

"You don't need to yell, man. I'm right here!" Fynn replied, without turning around.

"You've got a new e-mail," Victor told him, clicking on the notification.

"Whose it from?" Fynn asked, still not turning around.

"Chase," Victor replied.

Fynn looked at him.

"Where is Chase today anyway?" Plovert asked, turning back to face Cam.

"I'm not sure," Fynn replied, hitting the start button and pausing the game. "But it must be an important message if he's not going to bother calling me or something. Here, you can play."

Victor caught the controller.

Fynn marched over to his Macbook and viewed his new e-mail, not knowing that this was what would alter the course of his seemingly perfect life.


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