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October 21

"It has been almost 5 days since the death of the beloved football star, Chase Matthews. It appears that he took his own life sometime during the night of October 17th," Valentine Academy's Headmaster told the students. Cries broke out and people started to ask questions.

"Why did he do that?" one said.

"He had so much to live for! I think he was murdered!" said another.

Dozens of more voices filled the air in the Valentine Academy Chapel, questioning the death of Chase Matthews. The Headmaster raised his hands, and a hush fell over the crowd.

"We all loved Mister Matthews, but we can give out no other information regarding his death, as the authorities had not yet released any other information. When we have more details, we'll be sure to share it with you all. But if you have any details or clues regarding the reason why he took his own life, please, do not hesitate to share it, for you will not be punished and you will be kept anonymous," the Headmaster told them.

As the Headmaster spoke, Alice Harper took a sudden interest in her cuticles while her best friends, Claire Jacobs, Victoria Veta, Adrianne Gregory and Scarlet Boswick sobbed heavily, taking care to not smudge their mascara. Zach Bradley, Zach Merope and Josh O'Brien, two rows behind the girls, kept their heads facing forward, not saying a word as their eyes glazed over. This was the first time that they had actual payed attention during an assembly. Fynn Watts, on the other hand, kept his mismatched eyes fixed on the back of Alice's brunette head; a look mixed between anger and despair masking his pale, white face.

"We have renamed the Quam Boys' Dormitory to the Chase Dormitory," the Headmaster continued. "We will be having a memorial tonight at 7 p.m. here in the Valentine Chapel. Curfew has been extended to 10 p.m. tonight if you wish to attend the ceremony. Attendance will not be required, though it will be strongly appreciated. Please resume your normal schedules. You are dismissed."

With that, Alice Harper stood with the rest of the Juniors at Valentine Academy and slipped away towards the bell tower - the only place where she knew would not be disturbed while she mourned. She didn't care whether or not she missed her first period. The boy that just killed himself had told her that he didn't blame her for his death, and that felt worse than being blamed.

She took her Macbook out of her Marc Jacobs tote and started the newest entry in her never-to-be-seen-again word processed journal.


Fynn watched with a burning fury in his heart as Alice slipped away from the rest of the group. He saw that she had no emotion on her face, and was upset by the fact that she didn't look the least bit guilty or upset. He blamed her for his best friend's death. He blamed her for causing his best friend so much pain. He blamed her for making him love her. He blamed her because he didn't want to blame Chase for taking his own life.

He wasn't paying attention as he walked through the newly renamed Chase Dorms towards his room and he knocked into someone.

"I'm sorry," he muttered under his breath, and he kept on walking.

He just didn't have the patience today.

As he walked into his room, he grabbed his Macbook and clicked on "compose new message".

To: aharper13 (Alice Harper)

From: fwatts13 (Fynn Watts)

I can't believe you. You could have helped him, but you chose to be selfish and decided not to! It's ALL YOUR FAULT! You could have at least tried. Or better yet, you could have never USED HIM. You made him think that you LOVED him and look what he got in the end. You tore out his heart and danced the polka on it.


I don't care that he doesn't blame you, but I DO! I could totally vent right now and tell you how stupid, self-centered and bitchy you are, but I know that you're not worth my time. Just know this:

You could have saved him.

He pressed "send".

Fynn didn't care what Chase had told him.

How could he love someone that had been the cause of this best friend's death?


When - October 21st

Where - Bell Tower, Valentine Academy

Who - Me again.

I feel so guilty knowing that it was my fault that he died. I was so upset that he didn't blame me. How could he not? Knowing that it was completely my fault and he still did not blame me makes me feel worse than I could have ever imagined. No, I never loved him, but I had never intended to hurt him this much. I didn't know that he would kill himself. I hope that no one ever finds out about the e-mail he sent me. I know that I'm at fault, but I don't want everyone else to just...cast me out. I know that that's what will happen. I know that no one will want to talk to me and I won't be accepted anymore. I won't have any friends and I won't have anyone to go to about my problems.

I'll only have you.

Last night I cried until I didn't have anymore tears. Kristen was with her boyfriend and long time friend of Derrick, Kemp Hurley. They're cute together if you think about it, and she couldn't be happier. She's my best friend, but I don't think that I could ever tell her about this. She used to be in love with Derrick too. But I didn't know that either. I didn't know a lot of things.

I didn't know that he still loved me.


Alice sat with her back pressed against the stone walls of the Valentine Academy bell tower, facing the huge bell. She looked at the watch on her wrist.


She had about 23 minutes until the bell would ring.

She had 23 more minutes to feel guilty by herself before she had to go off and step back into the cruel reality.

She had just saved her latest entry when a 'new message' alert popped up and she clicked on it.

Tears poured from her eyes as she read it. She felt ever more guilty, but now, her veins filled with rage.

To: fwatts13 (Fynn Watts)

From: aharper (Alice Harper)

Don't you think that I feel guilty enough already?

I know that it's COMPLETELY my fault, and he still doesn't blame me! Do you know how guilty that makes me feel?

What the fuck do YOU know?

Just leave the the hell alone.

But just as she pressed "send", she realized that Fynn knew that Chase didn't blame her. But how could he? If he had know that Chase was going to kill himself, wouldn't he have tried to stop him?

That is, unless Chase had sent him a message too...


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