Invisible: adjective. impossible or nearly impossible to see; imperceptible by the eye.
That's the defination... but somtimes it's someone's life.


She loves animals, she draws pretty well.
She hates spiders and she's deadly afraid of hell.
But all this is still to world unknown,
because this poor girl is left all alone.

She cries; she doesn't want it to be this way
she doesn't want to go through this every day.
She wants someone to see her, she wants someone to care.
Why, oh why, is this world so damn unfair?

She feels that this is not where she belong
everything about this place seems so terrible wrong.
Because of this she creates a world of her own,
where all of her problems is long gone and flown.

From afar she quietly watches her crush,
and if he catches her looking she'll look away with a blush.
She doesn't dear to talk to him, she's way to shy.
Not knowing that she's also caught his eye.

Stop holding yourself back girl, look at you!
You're no worse than the other girls in the crew!
You're beautiful and perfect just as you are!
And remember: You're heaven's shining star.