I picked a line said by one of the characters in Supernatural and made them into limericks.
It gave my hands something to do whilst watching... I had run out of snaks to shovel into my mouth.

I was lucky to keep my job,
if only I hadn't opened my gob.
You see my boss said she felt fat
and it was fair for me to smirk at that,
the mistake came with the word blob.

Hey don't mention it.
Well maybe you can a little bit.
How about a thankyou note
Or put the words on a colourful float.
Nothing! Why you ungratful git.

That doesn't make a lick of sense!
And no understanding makes me tense.
So I'll bite into what you know
And try to swallow all that info,
Till I'm too fat to sit on any fense.

No!You don't have my permission
Now you be sure to carefully listen,
You can buy the bait, line and rod,
But without learning the latin for cod
I shall not let you going fishin'.

There's a fly in the pool,
He's a total swimming fool.
He started in the soup
Swimming round in a loup
But aviods teacups as a rule.