you promised me
i'd always be your little girl
always be your sunshine
when skies are gray

you promised me
you'd always love me
never hurt me
always believe me

but now you Drink
and Drink
and Drink
and you yell at me daily

is it the alcohol speaking
or the pain that is talking
or is that really you?

you lie to me
to dad
to jay
but then you call me selfish
for wanting the truth
for wanting something better
like i know you do

i want to make a sign
tattoo it to your forehead
to every inch of your flesh

big, red letters
that scream: HYPOCRITE
like a prayer
or a promise
or a warning

you say that i'll be perfect
to make up for your mistakes
and your messes
left unclean

but i'm not your janitor
or your savior
not your blessing
or your curse
not always the sunshine
not always the rain

i'm your daughter
damn it
so why can't you see me
for who i am
and not for who
you want me to be?