Until you no longer see things their way;

"First in the spelling bee! Way to go, Mattie!"
"Glad one of us is excited."

Until the playground no longer fits you;

"Swings? HAH! What are you, a middle schooler?"

Until they can no longer control you;

"Don't you
dare swear in this house!"

Until there is nothing left to see;

"We've been there a hundred times. It's not my 'favorite place' anymore, okay?"

Until you no longer pay attention;

"Mattie… Mattie… Turn off that infernal music and listen!"
"Uh huh."

Until you can't forget anymore;

"You and Molly really got it on last night, huh?"
"Connor, don't wink like that, it's creepy. And don't talk about shit like that. We were drunk. Let it go."

Until there's no such thing as "kindness";

"Hey, watch where you're going! She's fucking pregnant!"

Until responsibility isn't an option;

"I—I think my water broke…"

Until you have no free time;

"…pick Lisa up from soccer, pick Ally up from ballet, pick Sam up from debate team…"

Until you're not loving together, you're living together;

"You're a part of this family, Matt! …Don't snort at me."
"Whatever, Molly. I knocked you up on accident. This isn't a family, it's a mistake that's gone too far."

Until they start rebelling;

"Dad! That's completely unfair!"
"Life's unfair, sweetie. Suck it up."

Until you're tired;

"Mr. Bernard? If you need the rest of the day off…"
"I didn't sleep much. I'm fine."

Until you're driving "home";


Until death do us part.