I stare out my window from my apartment, a view of the city. Not the best, but hey, it's something. My red hair is pulled back into a loose pony-tail by a blue ribbon. The blue ribbon matches my baby blue dress with darker blue flowers, dark blue tights, and a bigger ribbon around my waist; finished with a big bow on my back.

I sit comfortably on a wooden chair in my room. A sudden gush of wind makes my hair sway and my ribbon fly away, towards the dirty, waste rotten river. I sneer. "There goes another ribbon," I mummbled,

"Given to me by,"I pause to think about who has given me ribbon number 406, "my dearest second cousin." I whisper exasperated.

"Who're you talkin' too?" I hear my dad's voice on the other side of my closed door. He quickly swings open the door, laughing. "Better not be a boy." He said cheerfully.

"Like right," I sigh, "Any way, dad I lost ribbon number 406." I shuffle to my drawer to dig up another ribbon. My dad softly chuckles.

"Where'd it go this time?" He asked, sounding amused. He walked to my white window and closed it. I gave up on my wild ribbon chase in my drawer and leaned against my green waller paper, looking smug.

"Over the river," I say with an intense stare at my window. Dad walks over and ruffles my wavy red hair, making it a mess. I get my hair from my mom, but my eyes are from my dad. My eyes are the size of plates and the deepest green I've ever seen.

"S'okay, Pam." he grinned as he walked out of my room. My name is Pamela. Well, next to my drawer there is a standing mirror. Accross from my drawer there is a one person bed. On the very right of my room there is a door, and on the exact opposite side from the door is a window. There is a desk that sits near my window. My room's a bit small, but not like a broom closet.

You're probably wonder 'where's your mom?' She's a work. She works as an accountant. My dad works as a newspaper journalist. I look out my window, thinking that my pretty ribbon would be there. But, I knew it wouldn't be there, and it wasn't. Wait, out of the corner of my eye I saw something move. I turn to the spot where I saw something move. I'm looking right at my mirror. 'That's odd. And scary.' I think to myself. I shake it off, telling myself it's only my mind playing tricks.

Only, I was wrong.

This isn't a horror. xD

I'm guessing around a 5 part story? Maybe. It may go over, it may go under. I really need to plan these stories. Anyway, happy summer? Keep fighting, kids still in school! Am I getting better at writing? Reviews are loved with my heart.