(Based LOOSELY on the song Monsters by Meg&Dia)

"Monster""His little whispers. Love Me. Love Me. That's all I ask for. Love Me. Love Me. He battered his tiny fists to feel something. Wondered what it's like to touch and feel something. Monster. How should I feel? Creatures lie here. Looking through the window...That night he caged her. Bruised and broke her. He struggled closer. Then he stole her. Violet wrists and then her ankles. Silent Pain. Then he slowly saw their nightmares were his dreams. Monster. How should I feel? Creatures lie here. Looking through the windows. I will. Hear their voices. I'm a glass child. I am Hannah's regrets. Monster. How should I feel? Turn the sheets down. Murder ears with pillow lace. There's bath tubs. Full of glow flies. Bathe in kerosene. Their words tattooed in his veins, yeah."

"Hannah?" I heard my name called by my gay roommate Trevor. I was up in my room getting ready to go out to lunch with him.

"I'm almost done!" I called down to him. We shared a small condo in a suburban area, in New Jersey. It was actually quite nice for how cheap the two of us got it.

Once I was done getting ready and applying the last touches to my makeup I slipped on a pair of cute heeled ankle boots and walked down the spiraling steps.

"Finally. Your 25 and its takes you longer than a 15 year old girl to get ready." He huffed but had a smile on his face showing me he was kidding around. I took in his appearance.

My best friend in the world was tall. Well, 6ft 3 compared to my small 5ft frame. He had long wavy blonde hair, blue eyes and was naturally tan from all the sun we acquired during the summer time.

I'm naturally tan without the sun. My ethnicity being a mix of Polish and Puerto Rican. I know weird mix but it seemed to work out. My long wavy dark brown hair was usually always down. My eyes were intriguing to most people though I didn't see anything special about them. Most people say you can see your reflection in lighter eyes. Well, my eyes are pitch black. Though, you can still see your reflection which was odd for most darker colored eyes. My eyes were like black glass.

"Yea right. You just got done like 2 minutes ago baby boy." I said smiling up at him.

"You caught me Hannahbaby." He said kissing the top of my head. "I'm hungry lets get a move on." I followed him out to his car and got in the passenger seat.

We decided to go to a really old diner that was still in business. I used to go their all the time when I was little.

We pulled into the closest parking spot to the door that was not a handicapped space and got out, walking into the family style diner.

"Hello there Dollfaces, booth or table?" An older woman in her what seemed like early sixties said sweetly.

"Booth." Me and Trevor said at the same time.

"Awh, I adore young couples. Reminds me of my John. What a wonderful man he was. Well, I don't want to go off in some ridiculous story so I'll get you guys seated."

Trevor grabbed my hand and linked our fingers together and the waitress took us to our table. She smiled in adoration when she saw our hands.

"Alright there you go sweeties. I'll come back in a minute to take your order, can I start you off with something to drink?"

We gave her our order and she walked away smiling, mumbling something about her dead husband John.

Trevor kissed my hand lightly then let go picking up his menu. We always did that in restaurants. Everyone would always assume we were a couple when we walking into places together. Trevor didn't give off the typical 'gay' vibe. He was very masculine.

The waitress who's nametag read 'Judy' placed down my coffee and Trevor's Coke smiled again then let us order walking away.

Me and Trevor talked for a few minutes before someone shouted to turn the T.V up. I looked at the television at the front of the small diner and saw the news playing. The volume hadn't been turned up yet so couldn't really hear what was going on. I watched the screen change positions multiple times. Going from interviews to what looked to be an Attorney.

All of a sudden a face was put in close-up. The man looked so familiar. He was built, hair long and brown but in a nice way, and his eyes. His eyes the most familiar. How could you forget glowing orbs of silver. Silver Eyes.

I looked at the screen getting anxious for them to turn up the volume. A young kitchen hand came behind the front desk and grabbed the remote, turning up the volume. I listened closely.

Today was the final day of the 19 year sentence of 26 year old, Carson Pearce. 19 years ago Pearce was convicted of the murder of his Mother and Step-father. He was also convicted of arson as an added charge. Back in 1991 Pearce killed his parents by setting his house ablaze at 12 midnight.

The anchorman faded and a clip with the year 1991 in the corner appeared on the screen.

Today is the day 7 year old Carson Pearce faces his trial for the murder of his parents through the arson of his home. At this moment we are waiting the results of the Jury and for this young boy to step out onto the platform and speak about the event that has surprised a nation.

"Here he comes, here he comes." Whispers gathered throughout all the news casters.

The same attorney that was escorting him out of jail was the one who took him out of the trial, only younger by many years.

"As you are all wondering of the sentence of my client, I am the one to inform you all. My client has been sentenced to Juvenile Hall until the age of 18. At 18 he will be transported a local jail facility. Throughout his years in Juvenile Hall and Jail he will be getting mental help and learning development." The attorney was about to continue before a small lanky boy stepped out from behind a wall of guards. His silver eyes standing out amongst everything.

He stepped up to the young attorney and pulled on his on his jacket trying to gain his attention. The small boy looked so innocent. Tugging on the older man as if he was his mommy. You could almost imagine the blanket hanging from his hand. How could someone so young commit intentional murder.

The attorney leaned down so the little boy could whisper in his ear. There was a series of nodding and the man looked back into the sea of newscasters.

"After being released from Jail in 2010 he will be monitored for 6 months to see his progress in Society. After all this young boy will never come in contact with anyone that is not in the jail cell with him."

The attorney was trying to gain the sympathy of the crowd. Displaying the boy's innocence.

"Carson Pearce has informed me he would like to say a few words."

The camera went close into his face. I didn't remember any of this. I knew about it of course I mean how could I not. The whole state new. I had after all been the same age he was when this happened. Maybe a year younger actually. I looked around closely at everyone paying attention. I focused back on the television.

The small 7 year old walked out of the people guarding him and up to the stand. The tip of his hair barley coming over the top. It was almost comical. A small laughing moment, if this young child was not just convicted of murder moments before.

A random man brought up a chair and lifted the boy onto it so he could reach the microphone. The young boy tapped it even though I could tell by his eyes they were latching on to every movement and every word that would soon come out of his mouth.

The boy took a deep breath and spoke.

"They deserved it." Were his only words before he climbed down and walked back behind the protective line.

I sat in a trance at the words that came out of the little boy.

Everyone was just staring not believing a little boy felt no regret, no pain for the slaughter of his parents at his own hand.

The video was shut off and was replaced with headlines over the years. All titles having the same word. Monster. A sick feeling made its way to the pit of my stomach.

I remembered him.