By Syn871

Dirty dishes towered over my head so high

The Mad Hatter bowed with his hat behind his back

I gazed at the only lights in my life

Elated were my babies in their swings

Bouncing up and down

as Disney movies played on the screen

Prince Charming saved the Princess like always

Then came the happy ending to one and all

My babies so ignorant to the ever shifting world around them

Their giggles bubbled up to the ceiling

And exploded into happy little fireflies

Never will they know what it's like to celebrate a soldiers death

A/N: This was aggarvating to do! The underlined words are six words and I had to write a poem only using those six words. Tell me what you get from the poem because even I have trouble deciphering it. I wanted to capture a certain mood and I feel like I got it but R & R!