Color Poem

"What Blue Is"

Blue is the wordplay that seeps from my mother's mouth

Flowing through the current with the whales

Swaying, curving down


Blue is a fragrant tall tale of blueberry nights

Dripping dewdrops on sweet Sunday mornings

Rocking, spinning to a beat to the mind


Blue is the dream that never comes true

Drowning in the depths of eternity

Misery, peace, ecstasy


Blue is up there and down there

Laughter riding the waves to my lips

Sleeping until love flies by my fingertips


Blue is every smile lovers fake

Placidly wondering what tomorrow will break

this time, sedating and freezing the heart


Blue is subtle tears converting to jewels and gems

Floating, falling up the rabbit hole to the seas

Children playing pretend between the vintage trees


Blue is so much and so little

All the humility and arrogance of the world couldn't possibly know

what blue is.

A/N: What's blue to you? Haha. This was an assignment for my class and I wanted to create a certain beat to it, like a song, while explainging that blue, to me, is a lot of things that someone can never really explain with words. In my eyes, blue is pain, sadness, nostalgia, the past, memories, tenderness, etc...