You, haha, you.

Well our story is but an infant, but really I think it's kinda memorable all the same. And heh, if you ever found out I was writing this...well, I would probably have to find a very deep hole and throw myself down it. Forever.

So I guess the best place to start this would be about one week ago. A saturday night. I was sleeping over at Megan's and we told our parents we were going to go to all the graduation parties. Well, we did go to some grad parties. Stayed long enough to flirt and chat and eat free food. Then left.

You see, Megan really wanted to visit her (older) friend Ben. And me, being the amazing best friend that I am, reluctantly tagged along. And let me tell you, it was boring as hell. He and his friend were painting a beer pong table and Megan and I were sitting around. Doing absolutely nothing. So obviously, we left.

And as a default, we went to go sit in the Walmart parking lot to plan what our next step was. Because we were not going home at 9 o'clock.

So Megan kind of liked this guy Tim. She decided we would wait around for Tim to get home from a grad party he was at and then go over to his house. I really didn't feel like being an awkward third wheel and told her so. She told me not to worry because Tim was bringing friends. All older and of the male variety.

(And guess what. You just happened to be one of them.)