There is something nagging at the abyss that is my mind

Have I disguised myself so fully to others that in the end

I have fooled myself in believing in this disguise

Do I believe I am this new person

And what about the distant wandering ghosts

Of four years and then some past

The ghouls who creep confined by chains in my mind

Where do they float now?

Why is it that when I look back

I like what I see in the past more

And like the bread that I am putting in my mouth

It's hard to get my teeth to sink right into the subject

But when I do I taste the topic and it's sweet delight

There is this deepness I am longing to share

It's like there is a fire within me longing to be let loose

The horizon looms in the distance

All these musings sound like pity and nostalgia

Tossed into an emotional salad

Words make an excellent choice for flavor

And yet I still see the point behind it all

I carry all this cargo in a caravan

Through a jungle down a dusty road

I hear the crackle of the thunder ahead of me

I can only wonder what my heart sounds like

It's like a slick dust layer on the surface

The crust is sinking in towards you now

Like a deep dish world we live in

You are the toppings in any season

You have such a brown sugar crater

In your smiling laser eye vision

Glasses made for blocking out the sun

It's a day of who's whats and wheres

It's like old times so distant and far away

Long lost shores and princesses in need of rescue

Do you know where we are

Do you even care