I recently started with a tight-assed old fart for a lecturer. Suffice to say that he took an immediate disliking to me, not least because I refuse to behave "like a proper girl", among other things(He seems to really REALLY hate people/things not behaving as per societal standards hence his nickname, Sir Homophobe). Last night seemed to be the FINAL straw because this incident happened.

I deem this singular incident raucous enough to warrant its own chapter. Hopefully, there will be more incidents where I provoke Sir Homophobe

M:(for the umpteenth time in the same night class session)FUCK YOU! (Don't ask me why I was swearing. I think it was the PC crashing on me. AGAIN.)

Sir Homophobe:"As a girl, you should stop swearing like that. What if one of these guys really takes you up on your offer of "Fuck you."? You just gave them an open invitation."

Me:"Then I shall take on all their asses with a strap-on!"

At this point, Sir Homophobe threw me out of his class.

Not that I was allowed to leave early. The idiot made me STAND outside the classroom as punishment until it was the "official" dismissal time. Stupid fucker.